Sportsbet Melbourne Cup 2022: Watch Latest Odds Of Melbourne Cup On Sportsbet

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Are you enjoying the Melbourne Cup going on right now? A lot of people are looking forward to this race. There are larger bets on Monday night as there are higher bets compared to previous years. Horses from Australia, Papua New Guinea, and worldwide participate in this race. 

Sportsbet Melbourne Cup 2022 results have left everyone in awe. A total of 40 experts tipped on the horses, out of which three betted right. Let us understand more in detail. 


What are the results? 

We have found out that Gold Trip won the Melbourne Cup this year. Later, Emissary, High Emocean, Deauville Legend, and Realm of Flowers reached the finish line in this order. Gold Trip was bought from Europe last year, where he had a fantastic track record. This race was likely his longest run. Mark Zahra rode him for the Melbourne race. 

The most anticipated horse of the Sportsbet Melbourne Cup Odds, Deauville Legend, failed to make it to the winnings, breaking the tipsters’ prediction scale. 

What were the predictions? 

Out of 40 experts who had tipped the Melbourne Cup, only 3 got the winner right. While everyone’s favorite was Deauville Legend, he was tipped by 17 tipsters out of 40. Looking at his record, he was one of the fastest horses to run this race. After that, there was tipping on Montefilia or Realm of Flowers. 

While Gold Trip won this year, he was not selected for the race last year because of his health concerns. Perhaps, his winning made it to the Sportsbet Melbourne Cup 2022 and broke the predictions of a lot of many tipsters. 

What happened with Zahra? 

Mark Zahra is the jockey of Gold Trip. He exclaimed with overjoy after winning. His win is like a redemption story, just after the scandal of Airbnb. He was suspended last year to Melbourne as he was involved in the house party at Mornington during Covid-19 restrictions. Last year, he even felt worse when the horse he was going to ride won the Melbourne Cup. 

Sportsbet Melbourne Cup 2022

Melbourne Cup is a 3200m long horse race held annually in Australia. This race is much more traditional than the first race held in 1861. This race is the wealthiest handicapped race in the world. The price of this race is 8 million dollars. The winner gets 4.4 million dollars in that pool and the cup, worth around 250,000 dollars. The horse owner gets 85%, the trainer gets 10%, and the jockey gets 5% of the winning amount. 


As we conclude this article, we have listed out the winners of the Melbourne Cup. The predictions, winnings, prize amounts, etc. everything is shared in this article. The winner made everyone stand in shock as it was unexpected. Sportsbet Melbourne Cup winner has proved everyone wrong in the race. You can check out the link next to get detailed information about this

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Sportsbet Melbourne Cup 2022: Faqs

Q.1 When was the Melbourne Cup 2022 scheduled? 

Answer: The Melbourne Cup 2022 was scheduled at 3 pm in Melbourne on the first Tuesday of November which is on 1st November 2022.

Q.2 Who is the winner of Melbourne Cup 2022?

Answer: Gold Trip

Q.3 Did Gold Trip participate last year in the Melbourne Cup?

Answer: No

Q.4 Who came second and third in the Melbourne cup 2022?

Answer: Emissary and High Emocean.

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