Slavic Christian Center Reviews: Read Latest People’s Opinion, Also Know Its Connection With Rita Tabunscic’s Case

The article states information on Slavic Christian Center Reviews. Know the updates about this church.

Have you been to Slavic Christian Center? Do you know its reviews? Slavic Christian is one of the most popular churches in the United States. People around the city visit the church and have published several reviews about it. Many people nowadays are looking for reviews of this well-known Christian Center. So in this article, you will read about this church and its reviews.

Let’s begin the article on Slavic Christian Center Reviews.


Reviews of Slavic Christian Center

Slavic Christian Center is a well-known Christian Center located in Tacoma, Washington. Several people reach this church for various purposes. We have found reviews of the Slavic Christian Center. Numerous people have posted positive reviews about this church whereas there are some negative reviews also.

The store has received 3.7 online ratings on Google. Some people have written that the church has an amazing atmosphere whereas some reviews state that the church didn’t help the girl who got assaulted and killed by her husband.

Latest Slavic Christian Center Reviews

Although the church has got several excellent reviews the positive reviews are very old. The latest reviews depict the poor side of this church. As per the latest reviews of Slavic church, a girl named Rita Tabunscic did not receive any help from this church while her husband assaulted her and killed her. The church is now deleting the reviews that are posted to support Rita as per the reviews of this church.

The reviews state that the leaders of the church sent Rita back to her husband instead of helping her. People are showing anger towards the church for not helping the women and as per Slavic Christian Center Reviews, now she is no more. 

Disclaimer: The information posted in this article is collected from Google reviews and a trusted online donation site. We have not taken information from any local source. The article does not put allegations against anyone. It’s just posted to inform the readers about the latest update on the church.

What happened with Rita Tabunscic?

Rita Tabunscic was a woman who was pronounced brain-dead on 14 February2023. As per the online reviews, Rita was assaulted by her husband. Her husband killed her by disconnecting the life support system. As per online sources, the allegations that were put against Rita’s husband are wrong. The reason behind Rita’s death is Arteriovenous malformation. 

The allegations against her husband stated that she was killed by him on 26 February. These allegations are refused by Alex Tabunscic on the online website. However, the Slavic Christian Center Reviews states that the church didn’t help Rita and sent her back to her husband. Additionally, the sources also state that Rita was pregnant with her fourth child. 

In a nutshell

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Slavic Christian Center Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the reviews of the Slavic Christian Center?

Ans. The Slavic church has received mixed reviews. The positive reviews are a few years old whereas the latest reviews are negative. 

Q2. What are the latest updates on the Slavic church?

Ans. As per the online reviews, the church did not help women who was getting assaulted by their husbands and now the woman had passed away. 

Q3. Are the allegations against the church true? 

Ans. We cannot say if the allegations are true or fake as online websites state a different story about Rita’s death whereas Slavic Christian Center Reviews depicts some other facts about this church.

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