Dawn Pack Arrested: Is He Arrest for Battle Ground Wa? Check Facts Now!

Dawn Pack Arrested has given details on the incident involving a school counselor arrested last Friday for child assault.

Are you searching for a recent update on Battle Ground High school? Is Dawn Pack, a staff member of the Battle Ground School, United States arrested, or it’s a mere rumor? Some media reports suggest that Dawn Pack, a non-teaching staff member, has been arrested for assaulting a child. 

The school Principal has released a statement for the student’s families and asked them to be patient in these challenging times. Dawn Pack Arrested post has shared links and details related to this story.

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Battle Ground School, Counselor Arrest:

Dawn Pack, a Counselor at Battle Ground School, has been asked to go on administrative leave from 17th March 2023. According to a local news report, Pack was arrested last week for second-degree assault on a child. 

The school authority has cleared that her arrest has nothing to do with her job as a counselor at Battle Ground School. The record book of the Police further confirmed the arrest news of Dawn Pack.

Dawn Pack Battle Ground Wa:

Dawn Pack was hired in August 2007 as a counselor to school kids after going through all the background checks required for the job. The charges against her are similar to her job profile, but the school authority clarified that assault charges are not related to any child on the school campus.

Dawn Pack’s profile can be seen on the Battle school website, but no further link is available. Pack was sent on administrative leave last Friday. As a school counselor’s job is related to advising students on career, personal, and academic growth, Dawn Pack Arrest has created issues for both parents and the school.

Child Assaulted by Dawn Pack:

The court document states that Pack pinned her ten-year-old child on the bed, restricting his movement on the bed. It added that her hand on the child’s throat suffocated the kid. The court document also alleges that Pack took the child’s phone and an Amazon dot device, restricting his communication with his father.

Pack’s husband has also accused her of a “long history of substance abuse,” restraining her to keep the child in Dawn’s custody. All this allegation went against her as the Court ordered Pack to remain away from the alleged victim.

How Battle Ground Reacted to Dawn Pack Arrest:

The school principal emailed the parents and apprised them of the counselor’s arrest in the child assault case. It further asked them to remain patient as the school works to ensure that the children under Pack do not suffer from her absence. 

The email assured the parents that their child would soon be allotted a new counselor, and the school authority would inform each family of the counselor’s name. 

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Final verdict:

The Principal has asked for cooperation and support from each parent during this transition period. 

Should the school terminate Dawn Pack from counselor job? Please comment.

Dawn Pack Arrested: FAQs

Q.1 What charges have been labeled against Dawn Pack?

Dawn Pack is charged with second-degree child assault and domestic violence crime.

Q.2 When did Pack make her first appearance in Court?

Pack made her first appearance in Court on Monday.

Q.3 How much does the Pack need to pay to get bail?

Dawn Pack needs to pay $15000 to get bail.

Q.4 What is the name of the Battle Ground School Principal?

Charbonneau Gourde is the name of the Battle Ground School Principal.

Q.5 What is the role of School counselors?

School counselors advise kids on career and personal growth.

Q.6 Is Dawn Pack still in jail?

Dawn Pack Arrested on Friday, but her name did not appear on the Clark County Jail roster.

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