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This post on Sally Mcneil Husband Now gives all the details about her life and what happened to her.

Are you aware of Sally Mcneil? She was in jail for killing her husband. Do you know where she is now? Sally has been in jail for almost 25 years and is now living her new life. She completed her punishment in the year 2020. This news has caught fire in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, etc. 

Let us know more about Sally Mcneil’s current life, Sally Mcneil Husband Now and other things in detail. 


About Sally Mcneil

Sally Mcneil is a former bodybuilder in the US. She was in the news because of the incident that happened in 1996. Then, she was in prison for 19 years jail for killing her husband. In 1995, on Valentine’s day, she shot her husband and bodybuilder Ray. She is 62 and will present her story in the Netflix series. Sally Mcneil New Husband is Norfleet Stewart and is her present husband. 

Sally Mcneil Family

Sally Mcneil Family

When Sally was in prison, she left her two children with her mother, who used to live far away from her place. And her children visited her once a year. Shantina and John were two children of Sally and Ray. She is now 62 years old and recently married to a man from a similar group. Her children also attended their mom’s wedding. 

Sally Mcneil Husband Now 

At 60, Sally married Norfleet Stewart, her fellow in the group. She currently stays in North California and works in a warehouse. She is also in touch with her children. Both her children from her first marriage, John and Shantina, attended her second marriage with Norfleet Stewart. Her new husband has also encouraged her to stay in touch with her children.

Sally Mcneil Wiki, Biography,  Personal Life

Full name Sally Mcneil
Nickname  Unknown 
Profession  Former Bodybuilder
Date of birth 29 May 1960
Mariatal Status Married
Spouse Ray Mcneil

Norfleet Stewart(Current) 

Birthplace United States of America
Current Residence North California, USA
Age  62
Nationality American
Net Worth Approx 800k USD
Zodiac sign Gemini
Children John and Shantina ( from First Husband) 

Why was she imprisoned? 

Sally claims that she was terrible in her marriage life. And one day, she killed her husband and fellow bodybuilder Ray Mcneil in self-defence. He used to harm her physically, and even their children supported her. They have said out loud that their dad was assault to their mother. She even tried to get away with this, but still, she was blamed and prisoned for 25 years.

Sally Mcneil First Husband gave her a terrible life; that’s what she says. She has been through a lot; her children stayed away from her all these years. She was released in 2020 after a punishment of 25 years in jail. 

Sally Mcneil on Netflix

After all these years, Sally will tell her story in the Netflix series ‘Killer Sally’ where she talks about her life with Ray. She had spoken about how she overcame this after so many years. Sally Mcneil Husband Now is very supportive of her. 

About her incident, she says that as Sally and Mcneil fell in love, they got married. Perhaps, Ray started hitting her just after three days of their marriage, and she tolerated all of it. One day she decided to give it back to him, shot him twice with a shotgun, and killed him.


At the end of this article, we have collected all the information about Sally’s life now and why did she murder Ray, her first husband. We hope everyone comes to know about her side of the story. Kindly visit the link to learn more about Sally 

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Sally Mcneil Husband Now -FAQs

Q1. Who is Sally Mcneil Husband Now? 

Northfleet Stewart is her current husband. 

Q2. How many years was Sally in jail? 

She was in prison for 25 years from 1996.

Q3. When was she released from jail? 

She got released in the year 2020.

Q4. How many children does Sally have? 

Sally has two children, John and Shantina, from her ex-husband. 

Q5. How old is Sally?

Sally is currently 62 years old. 

Q6. When did Ray Mcneil die? 

Ray died on 14th February 1995.

Q7. How did Ray Mcneil die? 

Ray Mcneil died by murder; his wife killed him. 

Q8. Where is Sally currently?

Sally is in North California with her present husband.

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