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Today’s write-up about Roman Tomasz Kosowski shares facts about the abduction of a missing lawyer who a plastic surgeon might have killed.

Are there any charges for the plastic surgeon? Is Tomaz Kosowski detained? What charges is the surgeon facing regarding the lawyer? A press release recently made people from the United States and other places anxious about what Tomasz Kosowski did to the lawyer.

His arrest has made a sensation over social networks, and people wonder if he abducted the lawyer and where the lawyer is right now. So, look at some more facts about Roman Tomasz Kosowski and his connection with the missing lawyer in this guide. 



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When was Steven Cozzi last seen?

Steven Cozzi vanished on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, after being last seen, and his disappearance is suspected. Three days later, the law enforcement authorities notified the public that Steven was missing.

Is Tomasz Kosowski arrested?

The police department made a press statement at Largo about Tomasz Kosowski, 44, who was detained in connection with the abduction of Steven Cozzi, a lawyer at Pinellas County with Blanchard Law, P.A.

The police department of Largo received a request for assistance regarding a missing individual on Tuesday. March 21, 2023.

Steven Cozzi had forgotten his car keys, wallet, and mobile phone when he left his workplace at 1501 S. Belcher Road, according to the police. Steven did leave behind his car and did not appear to be leaving the premises.

Who Tomasz Kosowski, and what is his connection with Steven Cozzi?

In a Pinellas County courts case, Steven was identified as an attorney. In 2019, Tomasz Kosowski, the plastic surgeon, brought the lawsuit.

Tomasz has filed suit against Dunedin Surgical Consultants, LLC, another medical group, two physicians, and an employee who handles insurance billing in addition to his previous employer.

He alleged they had hired a new insurance biller who had dealt with at least two patients’ insurance claims incorrectly.

Kosowski submitted petitions seeking the insurance biller’s evidence the morning Steven vanished, claiming they had previously shown a reluctance to attend to queries.

What was discovered during the investigation?

According to officers and the statements shared by people on Lis Twitterthere were tiny blood drops and a strong chemical odor in the office’s men’s restroom during the probe. According to a forensics analysis, a substantial amount of blood was found in the same bathroom.

Detectives with the Largo Police Department began searching for a suspicious individual and car spotted at the office facility concurrently with Steven. People are sharing the news of the missing lawyer on social networks to learn more about the accused.

Quick Wiki of Dr. Tomasz Roman Kosowski:

  • Real name- Tomasz Roman Kosowski
  • Age- 44 years
  • Profession- Plastic, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic Surgery Specialist in Atlanta, GA

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Roman Kosowski, a plastic surgeon, was recently detained due to the missing case of Steven Cozzi. Even though Steven’s corpse has not been located, authorities stated on Sunday, March 26, 2023, that they have proof that Tomasz killed him. 

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Roman Tomasz Kosowski: FAQS

Q1. Who is Tomasz Kosowski?

Tomasz Kosowski is a plastic surgeon.

Q2. What are the charges on Tomasz Kosowski?

Tomasz Kosowski is charged with the killing of Steven Cozzi.

Q3. When was Steven Cozzi last seen?

Steven Cozzi was last seen on Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

Q4. Where was Steven Cozzi working?

Steven Cozzi was working as a lawyer at Blanchard Law.

Q5. Is Tomasz Kosowski detained?


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