How To Choose the Right Strains for Growing

Choosing the right strain of cannabis could be tricky if you don’t know the right choices. This article will highlight the factors to consider when picking a strain to grow.

Choosing a suitable strain to grow isn’t an easy task. Although experienced stoners know their favorite strains by heart, newbies might find it harder to decide on a particular strain. In this golden age of cannabis growing, you might get confused when selecting the best seed with the thousands of strains available. Picking cannabis seed is one of the most exciting aspects, but no matter your level of experience, it demands careful research, planning, and attention.

With different versions of strains available, choosing the right marijuana seeds has become imperative. Hence, you need a list of factors to inform your decision on the best strain. According to Health Canal’s recent publications. Factors like the taste and flavor and the effect of your weed are essential to picking your strain. Also, the height, space, speed, and yield of these seeds will help shape your choice.

We’ll explain each of the factors above in the following paragraphs. If you’ll love to know how you can pick the right strains of cannabis to grow, then the rest of this article is a must-read.

The Space and Height

Your choice of marijuana seeds will determine if you should adopt an indoor or outdoor cultivation style. While some strains will do exceedingly great outdoors, others would prefer a confined area to survive. If you want to grow your seeds indoors, consider the ventilation, sterilization, and adequate space for strain growth. Gelato offered by Zamnesia is a strain that prefers hot and sunny environments, so it should be grown indoors if you live somewhere where it’s cold. Another thing to consider before choosing a seed is the legality of cannabis in your state.

With limited space to grow your cannabis, the Indica strain is Perfect for you. For example, if you are to grow indoors, the Indica strains will be your best bet because they grow denser buds, short and bushy in appearance. On the other hand, the Sativa strain possesses lanky frames and slender-fingered leaves. So, if you are limited by space or want to grow your plants inconspicuously, then the Indica strain is a perfect choice.

Likewise, height is critical to consider when picking a strain to grow. This would be important for those growing in a smaller space. If compelled to grow beneath the radar, you should opt for autoflower seeds. Cultivators easily grow these types in converted boxes and buckets. Installing a carbon filter is all that is required to disguise your growth. Also, autoflowers crossed with other cultivated strains usually feature a mix of Indica and Sativa traits, which are suitable for indoor growing.

You enjoy cultivating your marijuana in a discreet space. Yet, unlike the Sativa’, you won’t wait long to harvest your buds.

The Speed and Yield

Cultivating cannabis is an enjoyable experience, but they are often inversely connected when it comes to speed and yield. The faster a strain blossoms, the fewer flowers it produces. Since it’s different strokes for different folks, you would need to check what works for you in your area and how soon you will love to harvest your plant.

If you want a bountiful harvest, the Sativa strain is suitable, but it takes 11 – 16 weeks before flowering. And, of course, every grower wants a significant yield, but it isn’t always feasible, especially for those in states that prohibit cannabis cultivation. These cultivators will have to embrace short autoflowers, these seeds take 8 weeks to be ready for harvest, so if you want to wrap things up pretty fast, they are your go-to seeds.

Growers have different needs; whatever you’re searching for, there probably is a strain, or many strains, that meet your requirements. For example, the Indica mix has a short flowering time and is full of resin production. And Indica-dominant seeds fall somewhere in the center. These types typically blossom in 7-12 weeks and may produce 600-1000g/m2. So choosing an Indica mix strain makes sense if you want a marijuana seed that will be easier to manage.

Before purchasing a strain, ensure you know the paste and how long it takes to yield.

The Smell and Taste

Terpenes are responsible for this enticing scent, and the aroma of marijuana is readily recognizable. These sweet-smelling hydrocarbons are present all over nature, and the cannabis plant contains some of them. Terpene concentrations differ from strain to strain. Some marijuana seeds have a fruity aroma and flavor, while others are more flowery, earthy, or grassy. If you like citrus smell and taste then look for lemon weed strains.

It’s critical to anticipate how a strain will smell and taste. You might not like the flavor of your product, and you’ve spent much time cultivating it! Trying a strain is an excellent way to see if you like it. And a majority of seed banks include precise fragrance and flavor characteristics with their strains. Some even go into exact terpene levels. So before purchasing a strain, look into its terpene profile to ensure it suits your preferences.

Suppose you’re seeking something citrus and earthy taste. The terpene-rich CBG has a high THC content and great taste receptors. CBG Zerodue is for every cannabis enthusiast who yearns for a fast-flowering and heavy-yield plant. Fortunately, there is no need to get stoned because it helps you relax and meditate, but its taste and aroma are unquestionable. There is also Gorilla Punch Auto that adds something entirely fresh to the table. These dark purple buds, asides from being potent, provide exciting high creamy lemon mousse flavors with a bit of cinnamon. Try it.


Every grower must consider their needs, enabling them to choose suitable strains. These needs range from the speed and height to the aroma and taste of the cannabis strains. Different strains give you different vibes. While some make you feel relaxed, others are a great way to explore your creativity. Finally, no matter your strain preference, get some seeds here at the Herbies, and you can be sure to get the best cannabis strains.

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