Ray Mcneil Crime Scene: Is Sally Mcneil Still In Jail? Where Is She Now?

The article describes the recent documentary by Netflix on the 1995s Ray Mcneil Crime Scene. Read the article to know more.

Do you remember Ray Mcneil? Do you remember what happened to him? This person was killed by his own wife on the day of Valentine’s. The name Mcneil is trending because Netflix has made a documentary on this true story.

Many people are keen to know about the real story of Ray and Sally in the countries like Canada and the United Kingdom. But we need to check the Ray Mcneil Crime Scene. 

What was the Incident? 

As per the report, it was 14 February 1995. Ray was an ex-marine and bodybuilder. On that lover’s day, his wife Sally McNeil kills Ray with a shotgun. Sally was also an ex-marine and bodybuilder.

The incident sparked immediately in a country like the United States. On this actual incident, Netflix made a crime documentary. The name of the documentary is “Killer Sally” The documentary presents the story of Ray and Sally. Side by side, it also describes Sally’s fortune from jail to her release.

Is Sally Mcneil Still In Jail- Recent Update 

Many people are asking about Sally’s whereabouts. We also search the matter, and the documentary has given some ideas on the matter. As per the recent update, Sally is not in jail. Sally served her prison time in the Central California Women’s Facility. 

She was released from prison in 2020 on parole. Sally was in jail for 25 years. She went to California’s Veterans Transitional Center after being freed from jail. The documentary also reported that she met her present husband, Stewart. But we need a clear clue. 

Ray Mcneil Crime Scene– The Documentary 

On this particular crime scene, Netflix has made a new documentary. The documentary has transparently presented the crime scene. It is a mini Television series that depicts the whole incident, the reason for the murder by Sally, her prison life and her release in 2 hours 29 minutes reel. 

After releasing the documentary, millions of people watch the documentary. As per the IMDb rating, the series receives 7 stars out of 10. Many denote it as one of the best crime documentaries. 

Do you know the Recent Status of Sally? 

After the documentary, many people also ask the question- Sally Mcneil Where Is She Now. We try to find out the information. But unfortunately, we need to get a clue about her present position. But some famous media has posted a report on Sally’s current status. 

This report says that Sally is presently living with her two children somewhere in the country. But the information needs to reveal the area or where she actually lives. But as per the documentary, Sally has two children. The names of these children are McNeil and Shantina. 

Is Sally Active on Social media? 

We also try to find out the social media of Sally. We need to understand the fact of Sally Mcneil Where Is She Now. For this reason, we try to find Sally’s social media accounts. But unfortunately, we don’t see any social media accounts of Sally. 

For this reason, we also need to check her social media accounts of Shantina; her last name was Lowden. But unfortunately, we also need help finding her social media account. For this reason, we need to check the Netflix documentary and learn about Sally. Check the Twitter link of Killer Sally 

Sally’s Point of View

As per the documentary, it was shown that Sally was served the second-degree murder case. She was convicted and sent to lifetime prison. But if you ask, Is Sally Mcneil Still In Jailthe answer is no. We have already discussed Sally’s whereabouts from a limited point of view. 

But the documentary Killer Sally shows that Sally found new hope and freedom after being released from prison. But actually, where it is presently, people have yet to learn. Check Reddit link 


As per the media report, it was a horrific crime. The documentary tries to find out the reason for killing in their own way. But the data says Ray abused his wife Sally on many occasions, which is why Sally killed Ray with two gunshots. You can check the Killer Sally Twitter post link for more data.

Ray Mcneil Crime Scene– FAQ

Q.1 When the incident took place? 

The incident took place on 14 February 1995.

Q.2 Who is Shantine? 

 Shantine is the daughter of Sally and Ray McNeil.

Q.3 What was the Real Name of Shantine? 

   Her real or first name was Lawden.

Q.4 Why Sally Killed Ray? 

  Ray abused Sally many times. 

Q.5 Where is Sally Lives Presently? 

  There is no information on this matter. 

Q.6 What is the name of the Documentary?

  Killer Sally.

Q.7 Where can you watch Killer Sally? 

   On Netflix. 

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