[Full Original Video] Qtcinderella AI Video: Curious To Know Deepfake Tape Getting Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter Facts? Read Now!

American Twitch streamer Qtcinderella burst into tears after seeing the fake and viral Qtcinderella AI Video.

Which is your favorite Twitch streamer? Have you heard about the viral video of Qtcinderella? Twitch fans must have known about Qtcinderella. But do you know why Qtcinderella is now trending? 

Qtcinderella recently shared her thoughts about the viral Qtcinderella AI Video with her fans from the United States, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Everyone should know the real story behind the viral video. 

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Disclaimer: We do not promote fake news and explicit content. All the information mentioned here is for educational purposes only.

Which AI video of Qtcinderella went viral on social media sites?

A few days ago, some sensitive videos of Qtcinderella went viral on different social media sites. The video was first posted on a Deepfake 18+ website. The videos are fake. Someone morphed Qtcinderella’s face into some 18+ videos and posted them. These false videos went Viral On Reddit

How did Qtcinderella know about this video?

Qtcinderella discovered that a popular Twitch streamer named Atrioc had all those clips of Qtcinderella. She caught Atrioc red-handed. Atrioc was guilty of his actions. 

He apologized to Qtcinderella for his behavior. The video clips of Qtcinderella spread on Tiktok also. Later, Atrioc claimed that he used those videos to make money. 

Did only Qtcinderella face this harassment?

As per our research, not only did the fake video of Qtcinderella go viral but also the videos of popular Twitch streamers went viral. Apart from Qtcinderella, Maya Higa, Sweet Anita, and Pokimane are also the victims of this exploitation. 

Has the fake video of Qtcinderella gone viral on Instagram?

We did not get any details of the fake video of Qtcinderella on Instagram. But on Qtcinderella’s official Instagram page, we have noticed that many people supported her and gave her strength to fight this situation. You should visit our “Social Media Links” section to see how people are supporting Qtcinderella. 

Is the viral video available on Twitter?

The viral and fake video of Qtcinderella spread like wildfire on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms. But you cannot find the original video anywhere. The video was removed from Twitter as it contains explicit content. 

What was the reaction of Qtcinderella after knowing about the Qtcinderella Deepfake Video?

After this exploitation, Qtcinderella went live on Twitch. She burst into tears while explaining how she felt. She promised that she would sue the owner of the Deepfake 18+ website. She also condemned Atrioc for his actions. 

Qtcinderella mentioned that her fans and friends constantly sent her explicit photos and videos and harassed her. Many people also shared her videos on Telegram too. 

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You can check the Youtube video in the conclusion part for more details. 

The Closing Thoughts:

We hope Qtcinderella gets justice as soon as possible. It is totally heartbreaking for a woman to face such explorations. We also request our readers to not search for the viral video of Qtcinderella.


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Qtcinderella AI Video– FAQ Section:

Q.1 What is the actual name of Qtcinderella?

Ans. Blaire is the actual name of Qtcinderella. 

Q.2 What is Qtcinderella’s profession?

Ans. She is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber.

Q.3 How old is Qtcinderella?

Ans. She is 28 years old.

Q.4 What is the nationality of Qtcinderella?

Ans. She is an American.

Q.5 What is the date of birth of Qtcinderella?

Ans. 6th June 1994.

Q.6 How many followers does Qtcinderella have on Instagram?

Ans. More than 191k followers.

Q.7 What is the net worth of Qtcinderella?

Ans. Around $5 million. 

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