5 Best Premium Cigar Brands You Should Try

A premium cigar differs from a non-premium cigar in terms of effort, artistry, and cost. All premium cigars are handcrafted. Additionally, Premium cigars vary from non-premium cigars in that they solely employ tobacco, even if they are picked, cured, and matured in the same manner.

Luckily, many brands offer premium cigars made from the finest quality. And we will tackle the best brands to buy from in this post. Keep reading!

How To Choose a Cigar

You won’t know what you enjoy when you first start smoking cigars, and your choices will constantly change and grow. Purchasing a sampler pack will allow you to experience a variety of cigars.

One of the most prevalent cigar suggestions for newbies is to buy light cigars since full-bodied puffs may be overwhelming for someone inexperienced with cigars and may cause you to give up on them immediately.

Another thing to consider is the size of a cigar since it affects its strength. Longer cigars smoke more intensely and hotter than shorter ones, and narrower cigars burn hotter and quicker than wider ones. 

To verify the cigar’s touch, look for any soft patches, and ensure that it is correctly loaded, inspectors softly twist it in their palms and slip it between their fingertips. Now you can be sure a cigar is still new when it is delivered to the shop.

Brands To Buy From

It is common to be confused while seeking the best cigars to consume because the most well-known and highly rated cigar brands measure up to their rankings.  Enthusiasts and reviewers believe each brand’s famous assortment of quality handmade cigars is outstanding.

Here are some premium cigars to choose from:

1. La Aroma de Cuba Reserva

This has a rich San Andrés Oscuro wrapping leaf, which gives the cigar a packed character.  The flavors of espresso bean, sweetened hickory, almond, and dark chocolate are delivered below by an enormous foundation of Nicaraguan long-fillers together with distinctive Nicaraguan aromas.

2. Acid

The world’s most widely used flavored cigar variety is by far Acid. Distinctiveness in taste is an understatement considering that it has more than 140 botanicals, essential oils, and spices in its arsenal, in addition to some of the best tobaccos globally.

3. Gurka Royal Courtesan 

Cigar royalty originates with the Gurkha Royal Courtesan. One of the most uncommon cigar filters comes from the remote regions of the Himalayas. 

The filtration is then injected with pearls after being moistened with cleansed Fijian water. After filtering, a skilled cigar roller wraps the premium, seasoned tobacco with a gold leaf wrapping.

It yields a quality cigar that is flawlessly rolled. The cigar is also bejeweled with five carats of diamond. 

4. Arturo Fuente Anejo Reserva No. 46

Here is a very uncommon complete cigar from the Chateau Fuente estate in the Dominican Republic. Its unusually deep Connecticut Broadleaf wrapping, Maduro in color, has spent six to eight months curing in cognac casks. 

With flavors of Maduro tobacco, it boasts a distinctive blend of creamy, sweet-tasting overtones and aromatic smoke.

5. Nub

This cigar brand first appeared in 2008. It is produced at a little plant in Esteli, Nicaragua. The small, stubby design of the Nub cigars captured the attention of cigar enthusiasts. They offer four mixes: Maduro, Habano, Connecticut, and Cameroon.

The thick form has some traditional wood, spice, and leather features. Additionally, a flavorful range and other bolder blends have been added. 

They make cigars that perfectly blend flavors and combine them.


Many individuals worldwide like consuming the most costly premium cigars. Given this, it is reasonable to claim that all cigar brands work to lure the richest individuals in the world by manufacturing the ideal cigar.  We hope this list helped your search for the most premium cigar brands to satisfy your needs.

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