[Full Original Video] Precious Selong Video on Twitter: Why It Went Viral On Reddit & Tiktok? Find Instagram & Telegram Updates Here! Check Youtube Link Now!

This article describes the incident of the Precious Selong Video on Twitter and tells other facts related to the video.

Are you looking for information on the leaks of Precious Selong? Users are talking about the leaked video of Precious Selong, which is trending in Nigeria and other countries and makes some headlines.

If you want to know the whole story behind the Precious Selong Video on Twitter, check out the article until the end. 

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Why is Precious Selong trending?

One of the videos of Precious Selong got uploaded on the internet, in which she was seen doing intimate activities with another guy. The video is trending on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit and others. 

Precious Selong’s video Viral On Reddit

Precious Selong’s video is trending online, especially on Reddit, Twitter and others. Unfortunately, there aren’t many websites which give official links to the readers. 

On most social media platforms, the links are removed due to guideline violations and containing inappropriate activities. All the users ask in the comment about the link, but no information is present regarding it. 

When you open the Reddit platform for the Precious Selong video, you will find that the platform removes all the information.

Where can the users find the video?

Users interested in watching the video can look for links on platforms like TikTok or Telegram. However, it is not 100% sure that the users can find the photos and videos related to Precious Selong on this platform, but they can try finding them. 

Who is the other guy in the video?

The identity of the guy in the video is unknown. However, he is believed to be responsible for the video’s leak on the internet. The internet users call him Precious’s Sugar boy, but no other information is on any platform like Telegram.

Precious Selong is a known name in Nigeria, and that’s why the news is becoming viral on the internet. 

Who is Precious Selong?

Precious Selong is a well-known public personality who competes in the general elections of Nigeria. She is a member of the congress party known as PDP. She is 45 years old and competes in assembly elections. 

Her Instagram ID got 282 followers and only 2 posts which show that she is not so active on social media platforms. With her leaked video, people started looking for her and wanted more information about her. 

The reaction of Precious Selong to the video leak

No statement came from Precious Selong about the video leak. However, many of her supporters are looking for a statement about the whole incident from Selong’s point of view.

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There’s not much information present regarding Precious Selong. Therefore, let’s wait to gather more information to know about the incident better.


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Precious Selong Video on Twitter: FAQs

1: Where does Precious Selong belong?

A: She belongs to Nigeria.

2: What is the name of the guy in the video?

A: The name is unknown.

3: Can the viewers watch the video on YouTube?

A: YouTube doesn’t support such inappropriate content videos on their platforms. 

4: Are there any links related to Precious Selong’s video?

A: No links related to Selong’s leaked video are available on the internet.

5: Is Selong’s video children-friendly?

A: No, the video is for an 18+ audience. 

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