Btb Savage Instagram: What Is His Age & Net Worth? Check Birthday Facts & Viral Links Updates Here!

In this article, we will talk about Btb Savage Instagram to find out more about him. Also, check out his controversial statesman on killing someone.

Who killed Btb savage? How did Bhi savage get killed? People wonder how an amateur kid got killed on the streets of Huston. The news broke in the United States that a young rapper famous with the name Btb Savage was fatally shot on the street.

The younger generation is more driven into the rapping industry or Street performance. One of the American rising stars in the Rapping field Btb Savage whose real name is Brian Thompson, is dead. If you want to know more about the Btb Savage Instagram, follow.


Death report

Savage was killed on Thursday evening alongside the river Oaks in Houston. Before his death, he was live on Instagram talking about how he killed a robber with his girlfriend. He was bragging about his power and fame on an Instagram live session, but the next day, a report came that he was shot dead.

He also posted pictures of the room covered with blood on the walls and gate. He held a pile of money in his arm and gave a creepy smile showcasing his power. The picture went viral on social media, where everyone is trolling him.

Btb Savage Age

People are obsessed with finding the age of the rapper. No solid evidence is available that can talk about the real age of the Btb savage. As per sources and a few friends of Btb, he is approximately 21 or 23 years old. Additionally, there is no information available about his mother and family.

Police were informed about the murder case and their mistake in the situation. However, they are coming up with the primary conclusion that it is a revenge attack. Additionally, there is no information available about Btb Savage Birthday.

How did Btb die?

According to eyewitnesses, he was driving a white Mercedes across the road when suddenly, a black Subaru crossed his path. People believe that more than two people were available in the car, and they shattered the bullets inside Savage Mercedes. Moreover, to confirm his death, the killer exited the car and shot multiple rounds at Btb Savage. 

Police confirm the public statement after looking at the CCTV footage. They saw a black Subaru on the streets. However, they couldn’t identify the people sitting in the car, but the investigation is underway. They assure the citizens that the police will capture the criminal within no time.

Btb Savage Net Worth

Looking at his music production and source of Living is estimated not that it is around 1.5 million dollars.

Real Name Brain Thompson
Age Information unavailable
Place of Birth Cleveland Ohio USA
Place Of Death Streets of Houston
Family Information unavailable

Social media link

Final verdict

A young rapper Btb Savage was brutally killed on the street of Houston. Savage was inside his white Mercedes. Someone fired bullets with the SMG guns. Police believe that it was a revenge attack as he killed a robber earlier he brought about his powers. Police believe that the case is connected.

Is it cool to brag about killing someone? Comment below.

Btb Savage Instagram: FAQs

Q1 What is the birthplace of Btb savage?

Cleveland Ohio USA

Q2 Who is the girlfriend of Btb savage?

Savage mentions his girlfriend in the video, but no name details exist.

Q3 What is the last song of Btb savage?

TSA with Juney Knotzz.

Q4 How many followers does Btb Savage have on his Instagram account?


Q5 What is the Btb Savage Age?

Legit information about his age is unavailable.

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