[Watch] Pokimane Open Shirt Video Reddit: Check The Presence of Accident Clip went Viral On Twitter, Tiktok, Telegram & Instagram!

The article highlights the unfortunate incident of the Pokimane Open Shirt Video Reddit and confirms the presence of video.

Have you heard of the recent wardrobe malfunction that happened on Twitch? Recently a famous Twitch Star, Pokimane, faced an unintentional wardrobe malfunction during an Overwatch 2 stream that made her delete the streaming video, which was uploaded on Reddit.

People in the United States and Canada are eager to look into the whole video, but it seems that it has been deleted and is nowhere to be found. More details of the Pokimane Open Shirt Video Reddit are provided in this article.

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Why has the Twitch video become famous?

Imani Pokimane is widely regarded as one of the most famous female Twitch streamers. She has millions of followers on various social media platforms and is one of the most acknowledged online faces. 

On November 15, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction where her shirt was left open, and soon after that, she deleted the video, but it was late, and the video circulated online. She became known to unknown viewers as well.

Details of Pokimane Open Shirt Accident

On November 15, while streaming the video, Pokimane got up and went away from her computer a bit, and when she returned, her shirt was left open, and her chest was seen ultimately. This incident became the talk of the town, and people started commenting and posting the video on various channels.

Pokimane deleted the video, but all in vain. By then, it was already circulated to many social media channels. She is a well-known content creator on YouTube and TikTok.

Is the Pokimane Clip Viral On Twitter?

After the incident, the video of the event was uploaded on many social platforms. Still, the video has been taken down from the official channels, and we can only find images of the clips on Twitter.


Is the Pokimane Clip Viral On Twitter

Many users have provided a link on their official Accounts, which redirects the viewers to other unofficial websites. The news of the incident spread like fire on Twitter, and people have commented on the incident on various official platforms.

Reactions of people on Instagram

Pokimane’s open-shirt incident has not gone unnoticed, and people are commenting on the incident. Some people have supported the Twitch star by saying that these kinds of incidents keep happening and nobody has control over the occurrence of any event, while some are still looking out for the video.

We have yet to come across any videos on Instagram, and only pictures of the Twitch Star are posted. Twitch does not allow this sensitive content, and she may be banned from it.

Pokimane video on Tiktok

The incident got viral on many platforms, and as soon as Pokimane realized it, she deleted the VOD so that no one could share it further. But unfortunately, her fans had already shared the links on social media.

However, the complete video still needs to be found, and some clips are posted on TikTok. Due to the presence of sensitive content and violating someone’s privacy, we cannot post those clips or uncensored pictures here. It is important to respect someone’s privacy and not to make an issue out of everything.

Is the link shared on the Telegram channel?

Fortunately, we have not received or found any links to the Telegram channel showcasing the video. It may be present in some particular and private groups but is not found openly.

Social media Links


The viral video of the Twitch Star, Pokimane’s open shirt has become a hot topic among viewers, and some images are surfacing on the internet. The video is unavailable on social channels, and people cannot find the video at present. 


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Pokimane Open Shirt Video Reddit-FAQs

Q1. Who is Imani Pokimane?

A famous Twitch star widely popular among her fans. https://www.twitch.tv/pokimane 

Q2. What is Imani Pokimane’s age?

She is 26 years old.

Q3. What is her educational qualification?

She is from a Chemical Engineering background but has left her studies to become a Twitch star.

Q4. Is Pokimane married?

No, she is single.

Q5. Has the video been deleted from the official channels?

Yes, Pokimane deleted it, which made others stop sharing the videos.

Q6. What is her net worth?

Her estimated income is approximately $2-$3 million.

Q7. What happened to the Twitch star?

She suffered a wardrobe malfunction that gained huge unwanted attention.

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