Pastor Robyn Gool Charlotte NC: Check His Twitter, and Reddit Account, Along With His Net Worth, Age, Family, and Obituary Report!

Read the Pastor Robyn Gool Charlotte NC, article for complete information on Robyn Gool’s death and his personal details.

Have you heard of the sudden demise of pastor Robyn Gool? Do you know he was the founder of Victory Christiane Centre? Do you want to know his family, net worth, and obituary details? The pastor has served long in the United StatesThe people who are connected with his service has left in agony with the death of Robyn Gool.

Let us read more about Pastor Robyn Gool Charlotte NC.

When did pastor Robyn Gool die?

Robyn Gool left his breath on Friday night. The church staff officially released the news yesterday. The cause of his death was not revealed yet. The church members are in deep sorrow to speak about the loss of their dear ones.

Robyn Gool and his wife Marilyn planned and started the Victory Christiane Centre in 1980. They celebrated 40 years of success recently in 2020. The death news of the pastor has been released on social media platforms. The news got spread through Facebook and Twitter.

Pastor Robyn Gool Funeral

The family has said no visitations are allowed until further arrangements are completed. The family was deeply sorry for the loss of such divine humankind. The church was busy with the arrangement of his funeral.

The church has stated on a Facebook post that the loss of Robyn is sad, but they rejoice as he has joined with the Lord. The church asks the people to lift Gool, Chapman, and White Families in prayers.

The death news of Robyn Gool went viral on various social media platforms, including Reddit.

Pastor Robyn Gool Family.

After thorough research, we have found some personal details about pastor Robyn. Read the mentioned details below.

  • Name: Robyn Gool
  • Date of Birth: February 11th,1953
  • Date of Death: November 18th,2022.
  • Wife: Marilyn
  • Children: Two sons and two daughters.
  • Profession: Pastor and founder of Victory Christiane Center in Charlotte. 
  • Skills: an outstanding teacher, writer, and speaker.

Pastor Robyn Gool Family.

  • Books: For Singles Only, Proper Attitudes Towards Leadership, What To Do When You’re Back Against the Wall, Don’t Block The Blessings, How To Recover From The Loss of Loved Ones and many more.
  • Age: 69 years old 

What is the Robyn Gool Nationality, Religion?

Robyn Gool, an American, was born in Detroit, Michigan, US. He preached Lord Jesus and Christianity.

What about his education?

Robyn Gool graduated from Oral Roberts University. He conveys that in the University, he was called to Ministry by God. He also said that by the grace of the holy spirit, he met his wife, Marilyn.

He received an honorary doctorate from Indian Christian University in 1995. His Net Worth is not known.

Robyn Gool Achievements

Robyn Gool started his career as a pastor in the Faith Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Charlotte in 1979. Both the husband and wife felt to start Victory Christian Center for all Christians to be welcome under one roof.

The first service was held in 1980 in a warehouse 11 miles away from Charlotte and Matthews. In their first service, there were 64 worshippers.

The church successfully held Holidays Inns in the years 1980 and 1981. In 1983 they built a building in Kannapolis. Now worshippers mourn to visit him in his Obituary and pray for his soul.

Remembering Robyn Gool social service.

Gool built the church on the idea of non-denominational for worshippers. The Victory Christian Center provides various social services, including full-service preschool, fully accredited secondary and elementary schools, and fully accredited community colleges with secular courses. In collages, they include Biblical and ministerial studies as per church history.

The college added a bachelor of arts in 2012 and earlier in 2007 vocational arm. Former U.S. reporter Robert Pittenger, who has known Robyn for the past three decades. 

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Robyn Gool’s Family: FAQs

Q.1 Who is Robyn Gool?

 Robyn Gool is a pastor and founder of Victory Christiane Centre.

Q.2 When did he lose his life?

Robyn Gool lost his last breath on Friday, November 19th, 2022.

Q.3 How did he die?

The reason for his death is not revealed yet.

Q.4 Is he married?

Robyn Gool married Marilyn.

Q.5 What about his family?

He has two sons and two daughters.

Q.6 When did Pastor NC build VCC?

Robyn Gool, along with his wife, established VCC in 1979.

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