How to Package Products for Safe Shipping & the Many Benefits for Your Business

Shipping products in appropriate packaging is the key to customer happiness and increased profits. By properly packaging goods, you reduce the risk of damage during transit. Customers receive the product they expected, reducing refunds and returns and leading to increased brand loyalty. Properly packaging products save money in the long run. If you want your brand to become one that customers love, focus time and attention on the packaging used to ship your products as much as the product inside the box.

The Benefits of Appropriate Packaging

Appropriate packaging protects the products you ship against damage using various inserts, box sizes, and other tools. When your company utilizes appropriate packaging, it improves customer satisfaction, builds brand loyalty, helps maximize company profits, and offers many other exciting benefits. If you want to know more about those benefits, continue reading as we delve into some of the best.

Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

Happy customers tell their friends, coworkers, and strangers on social media about your brand. They return to shop with your company over and over again. Happy customers help build a name for your brand, which can be difficult in an oversaturated industry of businesses looking to become the next best thing. 

All it takes is packaging products appropriately. Protect the items customers have 

purchased using their hard-earned money so they arrive in new, as-advertised condition, which may lead to recorded unboxing videos posted to social media sites, and as mentioned, increased customer loyalty. 

Maximize Profits and Minimize Returns

Products inadequately packaged for shipment increase the risk of damage during transit, resulting in increased returns, replacements, and refunds. These issues occur when dissatisfied customers return their products, often due to damage caused during transit.

Accepting returns is important if you want happy customers, although can become costly. Returns incur additional costs of shipping and processing and take up valuable resources better used elsewhere in the business. Imagine the man hours your business can save when employees aren’t tied up handling returns and customer complaints!

Reduce Damage During Transit

UPS and FedEx ship almost 8 billion packages annually, with nearly 8 million lost or damaged during transit. Properly packaging goods reduces product impacts caused when boxes are tossed down chutes, dropped, tossed around, and mishandled by package delivery workers. 

Proper packaging ensures products arrive as described to the customer’s home, increasing their satisfaction with the item and your business. This can increase brand loyalty and word-of-mouth conversation. You’ll also reduce the number of product refunds and returns, helping to maximize company profits.

Sustainable Practices

Aligning your business as one that uses sustainable products helps build a reputation as a trusted, well-respected brand while bringing attention your way from customers who prefer shopping with such companies

Choosing eco-friendly packaging can benefit your brand’s image and customer base. Plus, making a difference in environmental impacts feels good from the inside out. Going eco certainly has a treasure trove of exciting benefits well beyond protecting the earth.

Enhanced Marketing Potential

Marketing isn’t cheap, yet fundamentally important to the success of your brand. Smart company owners use every means of marketing available to reach the largest audience base. Many take time to create customized packaging that aligns with their brand. Customized packaging created by quality packaging providers protects products during shipment while incorporating your brand colors, designs, and logo and can turn every shipment into a secondary business advertisement.

Shipping products inside well-designed, high-quality boxes, mailers, and packages reflect positively on your brand, leaving customers with a good impression of your company and its products. This may lead to more eyes catching wind of your brand, unboxing videos posted on social media, and many other perks.

How to Package Products Effectively   

The benefits we’ve discussed above are some of the many positive aspects created when you incorporate quality packaging into your business practices. Now, let’s discuss strategies to help you enjoy those exciting benefits. Choosing quality packaging materials protects your business image, products, and reputation.

The best way to enjoy the benefits mentioned above is by working with an industrial packaging company. Professional packers provide information that allows you to shop products using packaging that protects them from the second they leave the factory until they reach the customer’s home.

Before putting your products in transit, ensure you’ve taken the time to package them properly. This is the key to getting the benefits we’ve outlined above.

  • Invest in Quality Packaging: Partnering with a reputable packaging company specializing in creating custom packaging solutions tailored to your business needs is the most important strategy used to secure quality packaging and solutions. Try Millenium Packaging, a company that cares about your business’s success, when you need tailored packaging solutions.
  • Choose Appropriate Shipping Materials: Select packaging materials sized to the items you’re shipping. Properly sized boxes ensure adequate protection. Choose sturdy corrugated boxes for maximum durability. Add padded mailers, custom-fit cartons, and inserts as needed to prevent shifting during transit. 
  • Inner Packaging: Place products in the center of the box and surround them with cushioning materials like packing peanuts, air pillows, or inserts. This prevents the products from touching the walls of the box, reducing the risk of damage.
  • Secure Fragile Items: Place a label on the outside of any boxes containing easily breakable or otherwise fragile items so hopefully, package handlers will take more precautions than usual. Dont stop there, however. Securing fragile products and parts with tape or packaging material prevents movement and potential damage. Wrap fragile items separately when shipping multiple items together.
  • Conduct Drop Tests: Simulate drop tests to determine the durability of the boxes and packaging you’re using to ship your products. Make adjustments to your shipping methods and packaging based on the results of these simulated tests.

Prioritizing packaging can significantly reduce damage and provide customers with a positive experience with your brand. Your effort to improve packaging does not go unnoticed. It converts into increased profits, higher customer satisfaction, and a better brand reputation. Don’t sell your company short: invest in quality packaging materials to ship your products.

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