Creative Packaging Tips For Your Small Business

As a small business, unique custom packaging is crucial to stand out in an already excessively saturated market. Giving your customers a memorable unboxing experience will positively impact brand awareness and loyalty. 

Beyond packaging, it’s also essential to rely on a courier service that upholds your brand’s reputation for quality and consistency. If you’re still searching for a courier service, visit Alternatively, you could consider a hired fleet as a small business investment that could fuel brand visibility. 

That said, using quality, unique materials and considering these creative packaging ideas will give your small business the brand boost it needs to thrive. 

Fully Customize Your Packaging

It’s essential that your shipping materials represent your brand. Whether using boxes, mailers, or even containers, your packaging materials should be custom to your brand. 

Instead of only adding your logo to a generic box, opting for custom packaging will amplify the customer experience. 

Logo Stickers

Even though it’s wise to opt for custom packaging, you should go the extra mile by including high-quality logo stickers in your external packaging as well. Because you can order logo stickers in bulk, this won’t be too much of an extra expense for your business. 

You can add these stickers to the external shipping packaging and to the interior packaging that seals each product. 

Thank You Cards

Including a personalized, handwritten thank you card inside each order box is an excellent way to create a memorable unboxing experience for each customer. 

Your thank you cards should be customized to portray your brand imagery, and your messages should be personalized to each order.

Logo Tags

You could also add logo tags to your products that showcase your brand. These tags can also be ordered in bulk. When securing tags to products, be sure they are easy to remove without damaging the product. 

Inner Packaging

It’s also incredibly creative to add internal packaging that will provide extra protection for products during shipment. However, there are better options than regular bubble wrap. Not only is bubble wrap plain, but it’s also bad for the environment. 

Consider eco-friendly alternatives like colorful tissue paper, shredded kraft paper, biodegradable packaging peanuts, or even mushroom packaging. 

Include Samples As A Free Gift

By including free samples in each order, you’ll have a better chance of converting once-off buyers into brand-loyal customers. 

Free samples will be a small extra cost to your business. However, because you will amplify your chances of increasing sales, the small price is highly relevant to your bottom line. 


Another exceptionally creative way to add to the customers’ unboxing experience is to add a bit of confetti inside each order. Add the confetti beneath the internal packaging. Avoid substituting confetti with glitter because we all know glitter is challenging to clean off most surfaces. 

There are so many creative ways to create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. Investing extra effort and funds into your packaging will have a massively positive impact on return customers and your small business’s bottom line. 

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