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Have you heard the name Oliver Bretherton before? Are you aware of the fact that happened in Gowling WLG Company? Does Oliver Bretherton accept all the claims that have been brought against him? People living in the United Kingdom are looking for the story about Oliver Bretherton’s relationship with an 18 years old girl. 

For this reason, many viewers have also searched for the profile of Oliver Bretherton on LinkedIn. If you are among those viewers, we want you to follow this article to discover new facts about this story.

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Oliver Bretherton Linkedin Profile:

We need help finding the Linkedin profile of Oliver Bretherton; multiple other profiles have been available by the same name. We have also seen an account of Oliver Bretherton where no profile picture or further details have been added about his experience. 

If we find anything new about Oliver Bretherton Solicitor, our team will share all the details from this website. Hence, we cannot share a link for this account. 

Relationship of Oliver Bretherton with 18-year-old Colleague:

Oliver Bretherton said when he \was working as the director in Gowling WLG, he got involved in a relationship with an 18-year-old colleague that had gone viral. He defended before the Solicitor Regulation Authority and said this relationship was consensual. She also encouraged it. Information about the relationship period has yet to be available in the public domain.

Oliver Bretherton has also admitted that he used to send her some adult videos and tell her to send the same thing to him. He also admitted that they both used to spend quality time with each other. Sra has said to him that he uses the advantage of his position. But Bretherton has denied all of these allegations against him without integrity.

Is Oliver Bretherton married?

Yes, Oliver Bretherton did their wedding in 2019 to Laura Innes, and they have completed three years together. Oliver’s wife has not given any opinion regarding this incident so far. If we get any opinion about Laura Innes, we will update you through this website.

Education of Oliver Bretherton:

He has been sincere about his studies and completed many hire degrees to become a successful city lawyer. Some of the important degrees that he has been given are below:

  • BPP Law School
  • University of Exeter

The career of Oliver Bretherton’s Gunner Cooke:

Oliver has now been working under the Gunnercooke; he has been looking for real estate, finance, looking for transactions, and managing funds. According to the Gunnercooke, we came to know they do not believe in law, but law mainly inspires them to work by maintaining proper discipline.

What are the companies Oliver Bretherton does?

He has been doing services for various organizations. Some of the famous organizations are as follows:

  • Gowling WLG (UK) LLP
  • Bird & Bird LLP
  • Macfarlanes LLP

Social media links:

Only Twitter link is present and no other social media links are present. The Twitter link is attached below. 


Oliver Bretherton is a city lawyer who has been involved in a relationship with an 18-year-old girl. An allegation against Oliver has been charged. He has been taking advantage of his position, sending 18+ content on his WhatsApp and doing several other things.

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Oliver Bretherton LinkedIn: FAQs

1 Do Oliver date Megan Barton-Hanson?


2 What is the position of Oliver Bretherton in gunnercooke?


3 What type of experience do Oliver Bretherton have in his job career?

Advising financial institutions.

4 Is the hearing of Oliver Bretherton ends?

No, not yet.

5 What are the skills of Oliver Bretherton?

Investments, Finance Corporate Governance, Restructuring Legal Advice.

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