Oleksandr Matsiyevsky Video: Explore Complete Details On Oleksandr Matsiyevsky Execution, And Oleksandr Igorovych Matsiyevsky

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What would be the greater pain when a mother sees the dead body of his beloved son torn into parts? Can a mother answer if his son asks – Mother should I live (or) die for my country? The video footage of the killing of Oleksandr Matsiyevsky spread on the internet bringing goosebumps to viewers in Germany and the United States who are supporting! 

Let’s check exclusive facts about Oleksandr Matsiyevsky Video.

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About Oleksandr Matsiyevsky’s death:

Oleksandr was shot dead on 30th December 2022 while people around the world were celebrating the holiday season and considering the words of the Pope to remember Ukrainians as its citizens and children are war-ravaged.

The twelve-second video showed Oleksandr standing in a gloomy war field with a background of open forest/no man-land and an excavated hole in the ground. Oleksandr smoked and had no arms (or) ammunition with him. As per sources, after five seconds of footage, there were multiple gunshots fired at Oleksandr by the Russian military.

Oleksandr Matsiyevsky Execution

The firing continued for five seconds. Oleksandr was subjected to firing from three sides. There were 19+ rounds fired by machine guns from proximity, even as Oleksandr fell to the ground. Viewers can watch air and smoke from guns while soldiers shoot Oleksandr. It indicates that soldiers shot him from about three to 6 meters away.

It was heartbreaking as Oleksandr stood smoking and speaking his last words – Glory to Ukraine! A brave soldier who shows that he is not afraid of enemies surrounding him even though his life is on its edge! A salute to his bravery. May god bless Oleksandr.

About Oleksandr Igorovych Matsiyevsky:

You may have heard a little about Oleksandr, but words by his mother brought tears to viewers eyes. His 67-year-old mother – Paraska Demchuk, had a shaking voice, unable to utter words, and holding his childhood pictures while her hands were shivering. No one would be able to answer what her eyes questioned about the shooting of her unarmed son!

Oleksandr’s mother remembered that her son led a typical life working as an electrician in Kyiv. Oleksandr was 42-year-old. As per sourcesm, due to the large-scale invasion and Russia’s aim to capture Kyiv, Oleksandr decided to work as a volunteer in the war. 

A link to Oleksandr Matsiyevsky Video is provided below. He went to the territorial army office on 24th February 2022 and became a part of the 119th brigade territorial defence force. He was deployed at Chernihiv region in the spring.

Oleksandr spoke to his mother a day before his death on 29th December 2022. Paraska cried to herself and told him to – take care of himself and everything. He had four brothers who also went on the mission, and no one returned. She learned that Oleksandr sustained wounds from the first minute he was on the battlefield.

Oleksandr’s dead body was returned February 2023. The condition of his dead body cannot be described in words. Oleksandr Matsiyevsky Video showed he had bullet wounds on both shoulders, chest, heart, and face, making it hollow and unrecognizable; his shoulder was broken. His family recognized him with his hands and eyebrows, which had a sticker.

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With Oleksandr turning from an electrician to a sniper in the Ukrainian army, we can understand his willpower and realization of nationalism to fight enemies! Please remember him in your prayers. On 13th March 2023, recognizing his bravery, the President of Ukraine – Volodymyr Zelensky, awarded Oleksandr the title of – The HERO OF UKRAINE. To know more,.click this link

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Oleksandr Matsiyevsky Video – FAQ

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2Q. Why is Oleksandr video trending?

Because of his bravery, uttering the word – Glory to Ukraine, standing fearlessly smoking while surrounded by enemies, and as Zelensky awarded him the title. Zelensky’s address was viewed by 190+ million alone on the Telegram messaging group!

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