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This post on Obdulia Sanchez Video Reddit will help you to know about the Instagram story of Obdulia Sanchez. Kindly read this article.

Have you watched Obdulia Sanchez’s Instagram story? It is one of the most dangerous scenarios and everyone on different social media platforms are sharing the video of this accident in the United States and other parts. Obdulia Sanchez Video Reddit has disturbed many people and a few readers know about this accident. Almost every social media channel has shared this incident. In this post, we will tell you about Obdulia Sanchez’s Instagram story and what happened. 

Accident Video Of Obdulia On Reddit! 

Reddit is one of the platforms where every latest update went viral. On Reddit, the accident video of Obdulia Sanchez also went viral. On Friday, three girls met with an accident. The driver was Obdulia Sanchez who is 23. Two other girls were seated in the backseat out of which one was Obdulia’s younger sister, Jacqueline. The video of this accident is circulating everywhere.

DISCLAIMER: We have taken all facts on Jacqueline Sanchez’s death from online sources. 

Viral On Tiktok: Obdulia’s Video

Obdulia Sanchez was making the story on Instagram when this accident happened. Everything was recorded in the camera and it was uploaded on Instagram. When she started making a story, she lost control of her car and it got crashed into the field. The most disturbing part of this video was when Obdulia showed the condition of her younger sister. Jacqueline Sanchez lost her life during this accident. Obdulia screamed for her sister and was repeatedly saying “Wake Up Baby!” But, she knew that her sister died. In the video, we can also hear her saying that she would go to jail for this. This video is now available on Youtube and all other social media channels.

What did the police say? 

According to online sources, the accident occurred due to high speed and the driver lost control of the handle. Police took the driver into custody. This accident happened many years ago and Obdulia was sentenced to jail in February 2018 for six years. However, she has been released on parole. The girlfriend of the deceased soul shared an emotional story. The family of these young girls was distressed after this accident. 

Why is this accident video trending?

Social media pages circulate various famous accidents that can shock people and give them more views on their posts. Obdulia’s Instagram story is one of the incidents that shocked everyone. People watched the live stream of a girl’s death and everyone wanted to know more about this accident. Thus, this video has resurfaced on social media. 


Summing up this post, we have understood all the facts about this accident. Anyone who wants to watch Obdulia Sanchez’s Story can check it out here. 


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Obdulia Sanchez Story on Telegram: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How old was Obdulia Sanchez at the time of this accident?

Ans. According to online sources, Obdulia Sanchez was only 18 years old. Now, she might be 23 years. 

  1. How old was Jacqueline Sanchez when she died?

Ans. As per our research, Jacqueline was only 14 years old.

  1. For how long Obdulia Sanchez was sentenced to jail?

Ans. She was given six years and four months of imprisonment by the court in February 2018. 

  1. Was Obdulia’s car accident video available on social media?

Ans. Yes, almost every site like Twitter shared this brutal video.

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