New to Medicare Guide 2022

People need to understand the importance of having proper health coverage plans. Access to good medical facilities and hospitalization can be financially draining. You require coverage to help offset hospital bills and get quality treatment.

Among the different covers you can have is Medicare. It’s a US medical insurance program you sign up for after attaining 65 years. Also, you get covered if you’ve certain disabilities. Understanding all the concepts of this plan can be challenging if you are new. Below is a detailed blog to help you learn more.

Medicare Plans

The comprehensive medical insurance has various parts. They include the following.

Part A

This helps you offset bills related to inpatient stays and procedures. It includes inpatient care in a skilled health center, home care or when nearing the end of life. With the plan, you cover expenses such as semi-private rooms in the facilities and supplies during the hospital stay.

In addition, it pays for physical and speech therapy when needed. It will cover the physician’s services and medication if you suffer from a terminal illness. Also, it will provide grief and loss counselling for your family. Mostly, you enjoy these benefits for free after enrollment since you paid for them during the working days.

Part B

Together with part A, they make the original comprehensive plan. It covers services from physicians and other medical professionals. Also, it includes outpatient care and preventive services—for instance, treatment to prevent flu-related illnesses.

The coverage is delayed if you don’t register for the plan on time. You are mostly required to pay a higher amount for the time you were qualified but didn’t register. However, you aren’t fined if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

Part C

This is also called MA, an additional insurance option you get after qualifying for the managed care plan. It’s offered by private indemnity agents that Medicare approves. With this cover, you’ll still enjoy the benefits provided under parts A and B. For instance, cover for dental, sight and transportation to doctor’s visits. In addition, it covers home meal delivery after discharge from the hospital.

The plan is beneficial since it lets you get customized and coordinated at an affordable cost. Additionally, you enjoy the original plans without purchasing an extra cover. However, the plan may not cover expenses outside the provider’s networks.

Part D

It’s the plan that pays for outpatient prescription drugs. Registering in this part the first time you sign up to the comprehensive cover would be best. Any delays may result in fines. The part provides a list of the covered drugs. If your prescribed medication isn’t on the list, you are forced to pay it from your pocket.

Some drugs covered include those for HIV treatment among others. It also pays for most vaccines unless they are covered under part B.

Eligibility and Enrollment to Medicare

As mentioned, you’re qualified after your 65th birthday. In addition, you should be a US citizen. If not, be a legal permanent resident citizen. You’re also eligible when below 65 years, but under certain conditions. Like, if you are living with a qualifying disability or special condition. Or, you’re suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Note that there are different registration periods throughout the year. Each period calls for special options. After signing up, check the status of the application through your social security account.

Advantages of Medicare

The pros include:

It Has Resulted into Increased Medical Standards

For a health facility to enroll in comprehensive coverage, it has to meet certain standards. This has, in turn, resulted in improved healthcare standards.

Has Led to Prescription Innovations

With comprehensive plan, you’ve access to greater prescriptions. Due to the potential in the Medicare markets, the pharmaceutical industry invests in developing drugs to cater to most conditions.

Offers Additional Coverage

Apart from the original Medicare, you receive additional coverage in the MA. It helps you get medical services you would otherwise go without or receive at extremely higher costs.

Has Little Monthly Premiums

After signing up, you don’t contribute towards the plan for inpatient medical check up. You pay a little amount for plan B coverage. The standard amount is $148.50 monthly.

It Covers a Wide Population

Most aging individuals can receive quality medical attention thanks to this program. In addition, it has helped many young people with special needs.


They include

How Is Medicare Paid for and Who Pays for it?

Funding for this health plan comes from the general revenues and premiums the beneficiaries pay. It is also funded through payroll taxes.

Can I Sign Up for Medicare if I Have a Health Savings Account?

An HSA helps you put money aside that isn’t taxed if you’ve highly deductible health plan. After signing in to the cover, you no longer contribute to the HSA. Are you planning to delay enrolling on this plan till retirement? It would be best if you stopped contributing to the HSA six months before registering for the comprehensive medical protection.

Do I Automatically Get Medicare When I Turn 65?

Are you 65 years old and have access to government aid? Then you will be signed in to this plan immediately. You’ll, however, be under the original comprehensive insurance.

Is Medicare Mandatory?

Registering for any part of the cover isn’t mandatory. However, you may incur fines if you decide to register after the IEP. But, you can be exempted if you qualify for a SEP.

Why Do Some People Delay Signing Up for Medicare Part D plan?

A prescription insurance has more advantages than comprehensive care part D. With this, you may register later or avoid it completely.

If you’re new to this comprehensive medical cover, the above information provides the essential basics you require to understand. With the proper details, you’ll easily register and enjoy quality medical protection in old age.

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