Neural Cloud Tier List Reddit: Want to Know Male Haze Characters! Check Wiki & Guide To get Global Cloud Details!

This article will inform you about Neural Cloud Tier List Reddit reports. Also, find out how to play the Neural Cloud game.

Do you like anime games? Are you waiting for the neural Cloud? Your wait ends here; the developer has officially launched the game globally. Multiple players from Singapore, the Philippines, Canada, the United States and Indonesia post comments and reviews about this game on Reddit and other social media platforms.

People frequently watch Neural Cloud Tier List Reddit to fetch perfect characters to play the game. All the character and ultimate move information are available in the tier list. To find all the information regarding the characters and Tier stats, read the article properly.

Disclaimer: We do not promote any games of companies. This article provides information regarding a Neural Cloud game for the requirements of readers.

Reddit Details 

Lots of people are unable to decide what character they can start. So they are finding people’s opinions on various social platforms like Reddit. People share their opinion and experience about the game on social platforms. This game is based on anime Characters, including fighting, survival and defence skills.


Reddit Details 

Initially, this game was only available for PC games, but now it is launched on every platform, including Android and IOS. With the help of stats and character information, you can select the character per your requirement and play Neural Cloud for free.

About the Game

Sunburn Network Technology develops Neural Cloud. The game was released on 23rd September 2021. There are multiple female characters and very few Male characters.

It is a survival game in which little dolls have various powers to fight and survive. Every character available in this game has unique powers by which they can protect humankind. 

The game is available on IOS and Android. People love to play on mobile rather than PC due to the low maintenance in high graphic qualities on standard devices. Players from different platforms, PC and Android, cannot compete on the same server. Therefore you can use apps like BlueStacks to play bike games on your computer.

Neural Cloud game Tier.

The characters are divided in 

  • 3-star dolls
  • 2-star dolls
  • 1-star dolls

This classification tells you about the quality and power of summon as per the ratings. The 3-star dolls have a minimal probability of getting summoned, whereas the 1-star rated doll has the highest probability of getting summoned. 

Further, they are classified into 3 Tiers.

  • S-Tier dolls: All the dogs belonging to S-Tier have powerful base attacks and special ultimate moves. Haze is one of the top dolls used by the players from this tier.
  • S-Tier dolls: in this tier, dolls have great base stats with average abilities. Dolls of this tier belong to the supporting members of the crew.
  • B-Tier dolls: these dolls have average-based stats with average abilities. Ultimate moves are not so effective. When you reach higher stages, the abilities of B-tier dolls decrease.

Neural Cloud Wiki details

It is a Girls’ Frontline game which includes Chinese and Japanese characters. In this game, you will get various cards of different characters. You can use the cast while battling your opponent in a strategy Sci-Fi game. Every card has different powers you can utilise to take over the opponent’s card.

Overall, it is a card game you can play online with random players and friends. It is a basic gaming Guide to Neural Cloud.

Social media link 




Play Store.


Neural Cloud has a greater creative impact on Gamers. Since the official launch of Neural Cloud on a worldwide platform and the closing including IOS and Android. People are excited to learn about the character stats and use of Tier ranking.

Have you played this game on PC? Comment below. Watch some gaming-related videos from this link.

Neural Cloud Tier List Reddit: FAQs

Q.1 When was Neural updated on the Play Store?

The game was updated on 20 November 2022 on the Play Store.

Q.2 Can we play this game for free?

The game is available to download for free. If you want to purchase any card, you can redeem it through game coins.

Q.3 Which character will we receive at the beginning of the game?

You will receive a base card in the beginning as per the Random selection.

Q.4 What is the Google Play rating of Neural Cloud games?

The game is rated 4.1.

Q.5 What is the size of the Neural Cloud in an iOS device?

On iOS devices, the size of the game is 2.9 GB.

Q.6 Where can we play the Neural Cloud game?

The game is available on the Global platform, so you can download and play it on any device. (You can download the game on a device which is compatible with graphics requirements)

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