Nathan Millard Linkedin: What Happened in Georgia? Find Complete Update Here!

This article provides information on Nathan Millard Linkedin and tells interesting facts about the incident.

Are you looking for information on the missing case of a Georgia man? A missing man case in the United States makes everyone suspicious. Every reader wants to know what happened to the man and how he got missing in the first place.

If you want more information on Nathan Millard Linkedin and other facts on the missing case, start reading the article till the end.


What happened to Nathan Millard?

Nathan Millard turns out to be missing when he returns to the hotel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. All the family gets worried as it has never happened before, and they are looking for the answer. There’s a LinkedIn profile of Nathan Millard available on the internet. 

Nathan Millard Georgia

According to the Georgia missing case, Nathan Millard was walking back to the hotel room. As per his LinkedIn profile, Nathan worked in Advanced Constructions in Conyers. The incident happened on Feb 23, 2023. 

The family members couldn’t get any information about Nathan. He was last seen in a pub after attending a college basketball match. Nathan’s wife Amber said he got the basketball tickets as they facetime each other during the game. 

Is Nathan Millard dead?

A week after the Nathan Millard Linkedin case, the Baton Rouge police confirmed that Nathan was found dead. His body was recovered off a scenic highway in Louisiana. The highway is 3 miles from the pub, and the police are waiting for the autopsy report for further details. 

Nathan was a happily married man and a father. His death makes an impact on the family and his close friends. 

What did the police say about the incident?

The Baton Rouge police are making the autopsy report, and until then, they are not treating the case as a homicide. The United States police want to continue the Nathan Millard Linkedin investigation, but BRPD hasn’t handed the case to them yet. 

Everyone wants to know what happened to Nathan Millard as the distance between the bar and the hotel he was staying in was a 2-minute walk. His body was found far away from the last location, which makes everyone suspicious about the incident. 

Is there any footage available?

There’s footage available in which a man was using his credit/debit card of Nathan several times. The footage was taken after Nathan got missing, and the police found the person using the card for payments. 

The Texas EQuuSearch is also contributing to the Nathan Millard Linkedin search and waiting for any clue related to the case. However, there’s no information available on Nathan’s funeral or obituary at the present point. 

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Final Words 

Nathan Millard’s case is ongoing, and many facts must be disclosed. Therefore, let’s wait for new updates. 

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Nathan Millard Linkedin– FAQs

1: What was Nathan’s age?

A: Nathan was 42 years old.

2: When was Nathan last seen?

A: He was last seen in a pub on Feb 22, 2023.

3: Did someone kill Nathan Millard?

A: There’s no information present on the internet. 

4: Who is the founder of Texas EquuSearch?

A: Tim Miller.

5: How much reward does Texas EquuSearch give for any information on Nathan?

A: Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller offers $100,000 for anyone who gives genuine information about the Nathan Millard incident.

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