Mujer Pacman Video Original: Why MS Guatemala Asesinada Husband Attack Her? Check Facts Now!

Mujer Pacman Video Original write-up has discussed the Alejandra clip trending on social media sites on Women’s day.

Have you seen the video of a Guatemalan woman that died and suffered major injury from a machete attack? Did the woman die of an injury, or did she surviv the attack? The injury video of the Pacman woman went viral on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit, generating reaction from netizens Worldwide.

The woman named Alejandra Ico Chub’s last moment was recorded by her neighbor and made viral on the internet. Mujer Pacman Video Original has details of this incident and related media links.

Disclaimer: The post content is based on an internet investigation and has information for the audience.

Alejandra Ico Chub Death, Worst Femicide in Guatemala:

Alejandra Ico, also known as Pacman woman, was attacked by her partner on 29th October 2018. His partner attacked the woman with a machete on a fateful night, splitting her face into two parts. As Chub cried due to pain, her neighbor gathered and recorded her dying moment.

The video shows blood coming from her face while part of her chopped hand is lying on the floor.

MS Pacman Guatemala Video on Reddit:

The link to the face split video of Alejandra was shared ten months ago in the eyebleach community of Reddit. It has a full video of MS Pacman in the NSFW community of the Reddit platform. The worst part of the video is that the woman was alive while her face was split into two parts, and blood kept coming out of her wound.

The one-minute twenty-nine seconds painful clip also shows a baby crying in the back. The video generated 184 comments from the community members, and most of them shared their disgust with the MS Pacman Guatemala Video.

Why did MS Pacman Husband attack Her?

The local media reported that the Guatemala incident occurred in the village of Isla del Norte in San Miguel, a few kilometers from Alta Verapaz. According to the report, Alejandra went to her sister’s home, but her husband saw her coming with another man. It infuriated Mario Tut Ical, and in a rage, he attacked his wife with a machete. 

The accused fled the village and was captured four days later in Las Munecas on his way to Mexico. The accused was charged with femicide and punished according to local law.

Mujer Pacman Asesinada VideoTrending on Social sites:

Mujer Pacman Asesinada VideoTrending on Social sites

The MS Pacman clip was trending on social sites with keywords like #FaceSplit, #acmanguatemala, #Guatemala and #Pacman. Many people remembered Alejandra on the eve of women’s day on 8th March 2023. The video highlighted the atrocities done by people based on gender.

Why is Alejandra is called MS Pacman?

Alejandra’s face was split into two by the brutal attack of a machete that resembled the broken face of a Pacman game character.

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

People remembered the heinous crime committed against Alejandra, also known as MS Pacman , on Women’s day 2023. 

What steps should be taken to stop femicide? Please comment.

Mujer Pacman Video Original: FAQs

Q.1 Who does Mujer mean in English?

Mujer is a Spanish term that means woman.

Q.2 What punishment do people face for committing femicide in Guatemala? 

People face jail terms between 25 and 50 years for committing femicide in Guatemala.

Q.3 MS Pacman is trending on which platform?

MS Pacman and other related keywords are trending on Twitter social media sites.

Q.4 Why are people remembering the four-year-old femicide on 8th March 2023?

People remember the MS Pacman incident on the occasion of Women’s day.

Q.5 How have netizens reacted to the MS Pacman Guatemala Video?

Netizens have shared their disgust at the brutal attack against Alejandra Ico Chub.

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