[Updated] Lili Reinhart Boyfriend: Who Is Lili’s Boyfriend? What Is His Age? Check Details On Lili Reinhart 2023 And Riverdale

This article on Lili Reinhart Boyfriend provided details about the new boyfriend of this Riverdale star.

Who is Lili’s new boyfriend? What is his name? Why are the couple going viral on social media? Who was Lili’s ex-boyfriend? If you are wondering about the same things, this write-up on Lili Reinhart Boyfriend will surely help you with questions. People from all Worldwide are gushing about this new couple in town. They want to know everything thing about them.

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Lili Reinhart’s Boyfriend Details 

As per sources, Reinhart was spotted cuddle Jack Martin (who was unidentified then) at the LA airport on 10th April 2023. Martin is very famous on social media influencer and also works as an actor. Martin is very popular with TikTok; he is a part of NBC’s show La Brea’ and has also worked for more entertainment shows. Jack was born in Columbia, Maryland, on 3rd August 1998, and his real name is John Martin. He graduated in December 2019 from Georgetown University. 

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Details on Lili Reinhart 2023

Lili Reinhart is a famous actress in America. She is known for her role as Betty Cooper on The CW television series Riverdale. Lili was born on 13th of September 1996, in Ohio’s Cleveland. However, she grew up in the town of Bay Village. When she was 10, she started linking acting, dancing, singing etc. She was 18 years old when she first came to Los Angeles to being her acting career.

Reinhart began acting at a young age, appeared in commercials and had guest roles on various television shows. She began her career in 2010. Later she was cast as Betty Cooper in The CW’s adolescent drama Riverdale, based on Archie Comics. The series premiered in 2017 and received appreciation.

More Details

The most interesting part about this new couple is that Jack Martin acted as Lili’s ex-boyfriend Cole Sprouse in a parody interview a few weeks ago. He copied Cole aptly, and viewers loved this parody and Jack Martin. He made a parody of Sprouse’s interview, where he talked about his break-up with Lili Reinhart. Cole was very blunt and insensitive and blamed Lili for everything indirectly. And now, after the news of Lili and Jack dating, people have started to link. Many say that Jack Martin is a Look Alike Cole Sprouse. 


People are going crazy over the news of Lili Reinhart dating Jack Martin. When Martin acted as Cole Sprouse on his show and made a parody of Cole’s interview, people loved how precise Martin was and how he sounded just like Cole. The couple was spotted cuddling each other on 10th April at the LA airport. For more details about Lili, click here.

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Must Read Updates on Jack Martin and his TikTok: FAQs

Q1. Who is Lili Reinhart 

A1. Lili Pauline Reinhart is an actress from the U.S. of German descent. 

Q2. Who is Lili’s new boyfriend?

A2. Jack Martin, an actor and a famous TikTok creator, is Lili’s new boyfriend.

Q3. How did people find out about this secret relationship?

A3. Lili was seen kissing Martin at the LA airport on 10th April. 

Q4. Who was Lili’s ex-boyfriend?

A4. Cole Sprouse, Lili’s co-star in the series Riverdale is her ex-boyfriend. They broke up in 2020, and since then, she has been single for a long time. 

Q5. What is Martin’s Age and birthplace?

A5. He was born on 3rd August 1998. Thus, he is 25 years old. He was born in Marland’s Columbia. 

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