Top Blogs To Learn Selenium WebDriver

In the field of web application testing, Selenium is one the popular open source test-automation framework whose usage is flourishing since its launch. 

Although there are plenty of online resources like freely available youtube videos or some commercial educational platforms content are available to understand about the concept of Selenium WebDriver but still this article is discussing about some of the best available blogs to learn about the introduction,  usage and functionality  of Selenium WebDriver in order to help and increase the efficiency of developers or testers. 


LambdaTest is one of the popular and flourishing web and mobile application testing platforms that is most widely recommended for testing and execution purposes. LambdaTest has a vast plethora of offerings that are required by the developers or testers in order to achieve the maximum efficiency and smoothness in the execution in the testing process. 

Along with the blog section, the platform hosts an extensive library of resources that includes videos, customer stories, end-to-end guides on Selenium, and cross browser testing. Moreover, the platform also hosts webinar links related to test automation. Moreover, the platform also provides a step-by-step user guide along with a newsletter in order to support the user with insights and tips delivered via email weekly. 

The blog section of LambdaTest offers very detailed and descriptive information regarding learning of Selenium WebDriver. The blog includes the introduction of Selenium WebDriver along with specific emphasis on the WebDriver introduction, followed by the architecture of Selenium WebDriver in different versions of Selenium like ‘Selenium WebDriver architecture in Selenium 3’ and ‘Selenium WebDriver architecture in Selenium 4’.  

The blog also mentions about the new features available in Selenium WebDriver 4. And not only this, the blog also discusses the benefits and limitations of the Selenium WebDriver followed by the installation and setup details. 

  • Selenium HQ Wiki

As the name denotes, the platform is considered as one of the headquarters for Selenium WebDriver learning. The platform has a detailed content list including the link to the main site page for Selenium WebDriver introduction in order to serve as a helpful guide for beginners. The main site page not only covers details related to Selenium WebDriver but also of other tools like Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid. Moreover, the main site page also reflects about the upcoming Selenium conference that is going to be held globally and also discusses the different Selenium sponsors like LambdaTest. 

The page also offers the newsfeed section related to Selenium. After the main page link, Selenium HQ Wiki provides user guide along with Java client API documentation, C# client API documentation, JavaScript client API documentation, Python client API documentation, Ruby client API documentation and Selenium Grid Documentation. The platform also hosts a twitter link related to Selenium.  The platform also hosts some tips for developers or testers for building WebDriver. 

Elemental Selenium

The Elemental Selenium platform is considered as a goldmine for the updates related to Selenium WebDriver. The archive section of the platform has all the standard FAQs associated with Selenium WebDriver. The platform also offers a guide on ‘How to use Safari’ along with discussion on load testing via JMeter and Selenium. The platform also shed light on how to deal with the testing on broken images. The platform also offers a weekly news feed via email on ‘How to use Selenium like a Pro’. 

In order to explain the service in detail to beginners or new testers, the platform mentions going through the archives section and putting special emphasis on point number 1, point number 2 and point number 18. The platform offers the users with an option to select a particular language so that the email service regarding utilization of Selenium will be delivered in that selected language only. The languages offered are C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby. 


The TestGuild is one of the wonderful platforms hosted by Joe Colantonio containing all the necessary guide and information on mobile application testing. The extensive content provided by Joe Colantonio contains the video tutorials, interviews with transcripts and podcasts along with detailed blogs in order to guide the developers or testers in a very smooth way. The content is delivered in such a way that it becomes very easy for freshers to grasp it. Along with discussion on Selenium WebDriver, the platform also talks about Pair Testing, Security Testing and Unified Functional Testing. 

The platform also promotes conferences related to Automation Testing. The blog section of the TestGuild is very extensive covering updates on almost every topic including Selenium WebDriver. The platform also promotes webinars, courses, events and youtube videos. The news feed service is also provided by the platform via email. The platform promises for the information sent over via email is taken from the top industry experts. 


AutomateThePlanet is a wonderful platform for learning mobile application testing. The platform supports scalable test automation solutions. The platform supports multiple languages like C#, Java, Kotlin for web, mobile, desktop, and API.  The resource section of the platform hosts a large collection of books, a complete Selenium WebDriver C# CheatSheet. The platform also provides a weekly service where the user can subscribe for the information related to mobile application testing. 

The blog section of the platform is very much extensive and detailed in nature. The blog part is having classification for different categories of articles like there is a separate section for blogs related to web automation, a separate section for mobile automation, a separate section explaining the design architecture along with the promotion of latest Selenium Conferences that are going to be held in the near future. 


EvilTester is one of the popular platforms in the field of mobile and automation testing. The home page of the platform reflects a descriptive collection of various resources. The books section of the platform offers a variety in collection of books like “Java For Testers”, “Selenium Simplified”, “ Automating and Testing a REST API”,“Hacking JavaScript ebook” and “Migrating Selenium 1 to Selenium 2”. The page also hosts various online courses in the “Online Training” section like “Selenium WebDriver Support Classes with Java”, “Selenium WebDriver Synchronization”, “Selenium Page Objects and Abstractions” , “ Automating in the Browser with JavaScript” and the list goes on. The “Resources” section is available in a well categorized manner. It bifurcates the information into “Training”, “Agile”, “Patreon” and “Podcast” sections.

 A large collection of the lectures delivered by the industry experts are available in the “Talk” section. The platform hosts a link under the video section that redirects the user to a youtube channel where a vast collection of videos are available related to automation and testing. The blog section of the platform is completely filled with a massive collection of articles listed under different topics. Moreover, the home page also publicizes the latest articles under the “Recent Blog Posts” section. There are numerous blogs available related to the Selenium WebDriver topic explaining the different aspects of it in a detailed and descriptive manner. 


There is a large collection of resources and platforms available over the world wide web  for learning of Selenium WebDriver. Some of the top platforms that are diverse and rich in content not only for blogs related to Selenium WebDriver but also for other topics are mentioned above. 

LambdaTest is one of the fabulous platforms that is considered best for the developers or testers not only for testing but for learning also. As described above, LambdaTest holds a vast and descriptive collection of blogs. 

The blog available related to Selenium WebDriver on LambdaTest is covering the complete tutorial on the Selenium WebDriver topic. The video section, the user guide, the community hub, the learning hub, the customer stories, the newsletter service and the webinars updates makes LambdaTest a very interactive and informative platform and the foremost choice among testers or developers, specially for beginners. 

Moving ahead, besides LambdaTest there are other platforms like EvilTester, Selenium HQ Wiki, Elemental Selenium, TestGuild and AutomateThePlanet are also there that offer the services in a different style. The blog is only one aspect that is considered a good way to learn about the minute details related to Selenium WebDriver. Besides blogs, there are other things like promotional videos, podcasts, training programs and books available on these platforms due to which they act as a multiway solution for learning of Selenium WebDriver. 

A special thing to mention here is the alert of upcoming conferences on the topics like Selenium WebDriver and Automation Testing that provide the developers or testers a unique chance of learning from top industrial experts. 

Also, the newsfeed or newsletter service via email is very helpful for those who want to keep up a constant pace in learning a new skill along with their daily routine. Although each platform holds its own importance in terms of resources, content, blogs, books, videos, webinars and other facilities LambdaTest has all the above mentioned qualities thereby making it one of the top most and most popular platforms among the testing community.  

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