Lala Kent Boyfriend 2024: Is This A Rumour Or She Really Dating Don Lopez

Lala Kent is again trending on social media for her relationship with Don Lopez. Netizens are suspecting it to be a rumour. Lala Kent Boyfriend 2024, However, the news has some truth as they dated each other briefly.

Lala Kent Boyfriend 2024

Lala Kent is an American Television personality. Lala is a proven actress and an entertainer. She has worked on a lot of television projects. Lala Kent Boyfriend 2024, Lala started at a young age. She started to gain attention from the audience in 2014. 

Lala Kent has established herself stably in the American TV industry now. She is just in her early 30s. However, she has achieved a lot. She has done a lot of films as well. 

As per the reports, Lala Kent is not seeing anyone currently. However, Lala is having a baby. She is pregnant and posted a picture with her daughter. However, she chose medical methods to conceive the baby as per sources. 

Kent is not dating anyone at the moment. However, her brief relationship with the model Don Lopez is still a mystery, and people talk about it. 

Lala Kent Boyfriend 2024
Lala Kent Boyfriend 2024

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Is She Dating Don Lopez Or Just A Hoax?

As per the reports, she dated Don Lopez in 2022. However, it was for a brief moment. Lala left Netizens confused when she shared the side face of a tattooed man. 

She shared it as her Instagram story. And within 24 hours, her fans identified the tattooed man as Don Lopez. He is a model who has worked with big brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Sean John and Givenchy. 

Per Kent, she met Don while shooting for Vanderpump Rules Season 10. This was the first relationship Kent addressed after her break-up with Emmett in 2018. 

As per Lala, they dated for a while. Additionally, she had a great time with Don. However, there was ‘some information’ about Don, which was soon revealed. And they broke up. 

As per the netizens, Don Lopez has children. However, he was not married at that time. Yet, he fathered a kid from his previous relationship as per sources. When Lala learned about it, she broke up. 

Is She Dating Don Lopez Or Just A Hoax
Is She Dating Don Lopez Or Just A Hoax

Personal Details About Lala Kent

Lala Kent was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on 2nd September 1990. Lala is her nickname, and Lauren Elyse Burningham is her official name. Kent is her father’s name. Lisa Burningham is her mother. 

Lala has a daughter named Ocean Kent Emmett. She gave birth to Ocean with Randell Emmett. They were engaged in 2018. However, they broke their engagement after 2 years of dating. 

Did Lala Dated Don Lopez Or Not?

It is on record, a statement given by Lala herself, that she has dated Don. However, their relationship was never lengthy. They broke up pretty soon. Lala had talked about her relationship with Don openly.

Lala Kent even posted his side face on her social media. However, Lala did not know some details about him. As soon as she got to know him, they broke up. 

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