Laide Bakare Video: Who Is Laide Bakare? Also Explore Her Full Biography Along With Age, Husband, And Daughter Details

This research on Laide Bakare Video will update online readers about the leaked pictures of Laide Bakare. Kindly read the updates here.

Who is Laide Bakare? Why is this Nollywood actress trending on social media sites? Many online sources have discussed this incident, but some people are still searching for the details on Laide Bakare Video. This news is circulating in Nigeria, the United Kingdom, the United States, and in various countries. In this post, we will provide genuine facts on the leaked video of Laide Bakare. So, please read it here. 


Leaked Video of Laide Bakare! 

As per online sources, some explicit pictures and videos of Laide Bakare who is a popular Nollywood actress have been leaked on several online channels. She came to know about the unclothe pictures when one of her friends received her uncovered graphics from Laide’s ex-lover. She informed that the pictures were leaked by his former lover who is from Indianapolis. 

Laide Bakare Leak Graphics! 

As per online sources, Laide Bakare’s explicit videos were being circulated by his former lover on various social media channels. However, Laide Bakare remained silent and sealed her lips on this matter, but an online blogger, Gistlover spilled the beans and informed the public that her former lover had been misusing her private pictures and shared in the WhatsApp group with his friends. 

Now, the pictures are being circulated on every platform. However, Laide does not seem to be much affected as she posted a video on Instagram and captioned that she feels grateful for everything in life. 

Who is Laide Bakare Husband

As per online sources, Laide Bakare married Olumide Okufulure and has a daughter, Simi with him. Later, she married Alhaji Mutairu Orilowo who is her present husband. She has two boys with her second husband. 

DISCLAIMER: Every piece of information on this update has been shared after researching it online. We cannot post explicit videos or photos of the actress as it will violate our guidelines. One can search for videos on other sites. Kindly refer to our research for informative purposes only. 

Personal Life Of Laide Bakare! 

Laide Bakare is a famous actress from Nigeria. She was born on October 7, 1980. Laide Bakare Age is 42 years old. She had worked in several films and her film, Jejere won Nollywood awards in 2012 under the Best costume category. This beauty from Nigeria has made a good name in films.


Summing up this post, we have tried to provide every piece of information on Laide Bakare. Her viral and explicit videos have not been shared in this post as it is against our privacy policy. One can search for those videos on other sites. 

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Laide Bakare Biography: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Laide Bakare? 

Ans. Laide Bakare is an actress from Nigeria. She had worked in films like Jejere. 

Q2. How old is Laide Bakare? 

Ans. As she was born on October 7, 1980, so she is around 42 years old.

Q3. What is the current update on Laide Bakare? 

Ans. As per online sources, Laide Bakare’s explicit videos were leaked by her former partner who is from Indianapolis. 

Q4. How did she come to know about the leaked pictures?

Ans. She came to know about her pictures after her colleague, Empress Njamah informed her about the pictures. 

Q5. Who is Laide Bakare Daughter?

Ans. She had a daughter, Simi from his first husband, Olumide Okufulure.

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