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The article brings out the news of Kymberly Herrin Obituary details and provides the readers with wiki information about her.

Are you aware of Kymberly Herrin’s death? An actress known for her mesmerizing music videos and her role in Ghostbusters died peacefully on October 28, 2022. Her fans are shocked at the news and are looking for the details of the obituary.

People from the United States and Canada are desperately waiting to know why and the details of Kymberly Herrin Obituary are provided in this article.

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Kymberly Herrin Cause of Death

The cause of Kymberly’s death is unknown, but many suspect her suffering from breast cancer. She passed away at the age of 65. 

Kymberly Herrin passed away, and Funeral

Her family or friends do not reveal the details of her Funeral, and we have no information.

Who are Kymberly’s Parents?

Kymberly is survived by her mother, Billie Dodson, and her brother Mark Kerrin. Her father’s name is unknown.

Is Kymberly married?

We have no information regarding her marriage, and as per the sources, she was not married before or at the time of her death.

Kymberly Height & More

The Ghostbuster actress was 1.73 m tall and a gorgeous lady. She was known for her characters in the movie Playboy Playdate and appeared in several music videos.

Kymberly Herrin Wiki

Let’s have a brief look at her wiki.

Full Name Kymberly Ellen Herrin
Birth Date October 2, 1957
Birth Place Santa Barbara Country, California
Profession Actress and Model
Age 65 years
Marital Status Unmarried
Nationality American
Zodiac sign Libra

Kymberly Herrin Biography


Kymberly Herrin Biography

Kymberly was born on October 2, 1957, in Santa Barbara, California. Her zodiac sign is Libra. She was famous for her acting career in several music videos and movies, gaining viewers immense appreciation. She was fondly remembered for her role in Ghostbuster and Playboy Playdate. 

What is Kymberly’s Net worth?

According to the sources and celebrity net worth pages, Kymberly had a net worth of $1.5 million. 

Take a look at the Twitter post.

Kymberly Educational Qualifications

Kymberly was born in Santa Barbara and completed her schooling at Santa Barbara High School in 1975. She completed her graduation from Santa Barbara College.

Kymberly’s Age, Date of Birth

Kymberly was born on October 2, 1957, and was 65 years old at the time of her death.

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Kymberly Herrin’s obituary details are still awaited, and she will always be remembered for her contribution to movies. We pray for her departed soul. What are your views on the news? Comment below.

Kymberly Herrin Obituary– FAQs

Q.1 Who was Kymberly Herrin?

An actress and a model.

Q.2 What was she known for?

Movies and music videos.

Q.3 When did she die?

She died on October 28, 2022.

Q.4 Is the cause of her death known?


Q.5 Who announced her news on social media?

Her niece, Theresa Ramirez

Q.6 What is Kymberly’s mother’s name?

Billie Dodson

Q.7 Who is Kymberly’s father?


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