[Watch Link] Kulhad Pizza Couple Full Viral Video Original: Is The Clip On Instagram?

Learn more about the watch clips of the Kulhad Pizza Couple Full Viral Video Original, along with information on its link and Instagram availability.

Do you love to watch the latest trending videos uploaded online? Then, have you seen the Kulhad Pizza Couple Full Viral Video Original, which has been popping up all over the internet? This video has gained people’s attention from countries like India, Pakistan, Canada, the United Kingdom, and many more countries that are adding to the list.

So here in this article, we will explain those videos and their availability in detail.

Details on Kulhad Pizza Couple Full Viral Video Original

The internet has been flooded with news of the Kulhad couple’s private video, and people are looking for the links. The content inside the video created all the hype and attention because this video was about the famous Kulhad street food vendor and social media celebrity couple Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur. 

Their love-making private scenes were recorded and released on the internet the week before. But currently, the Kulhad Pizza Viral Couple Video Clip has been deleted since the couple complained to the police, and they added that this video was completely fake and fabricated.

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Where was the video uploaded?

Initially, the video was uploaded to a social media platform, and it went viral in the Punjab region, where the couple lives. Sehaj and Gurpreet are from Jalandhar, Punjab.

Then, the video went viral and spread all over the internet. Even though it was uploaded to Kulad Pizza Instagram pages and age-restricted video forums, within a few days, the video was removed because, without wasting time, the couple directly sought the help of the police, and the cyber cell acted quickly to remove the tape. Many news pages and YouTube channels are advocating for this topic, claiming to release the original real links. But most of the links need to be fixed, which misleads people.

Kulhad Pizza Video Viral Link availability 

We can see the links popping everywhere. Let us know what the actual content is inside the videos. In that video, Sehaj and Gurpreet seemed to be in an isolated position where Gurpreet was intoxicated with alcohol.

The major thing is that we can see the red bangles in the hands of Gurpreet, which indicates that the video was taken during their newly wed times because, mostly in Punjab, newlywed couples only wear those red bangles. In addition to that, if we observe the Kulhad Pizza Couple Video Viral Watch timings, Gurpreet Kaur doesn’t seem to be pregnant. Presently, she has welcomed her new baby, and we couldn’t see her pregnant belly either, indicating that the video can be fabricated, or else it must be an older one.

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Is the video real?

As per statement of Sehaj, the video was fabricated, and someone used AI technology to swap the faces of the couple. On Kulad Pizza Instagram pages, many people post the statement of sehaj and claim the videos to be complete fakes. In addition, Sehaj has revealed shocking news: an Indian YouTuber named Karan Dutta purposely circulated his video.

Social media links

Instagram : Sehaj Arora (Kulhad Pizza) (@sehaj_arora_) • Instagram photos and videos

Twitter: Profile / X (twitter.com)


This article discusses the true news, which revolves around the popular kulhad pizza couple. The original clip cannot be seen anywhere on the internet, so we plead with all the readers to stay aware of any suspicious websites which release Kulhad Pizza Viral Couple Video Clip and let us all share our support and blessings with the new father and mother, Sehaj and Gurpreet!

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