Kristin Wheeler Obituary: Is There Any Trending News Found on Twitter? Check, Net Worth, Boyfriend & Family Details!

The article discusses the facts of Kristin Wheeler Obituary and also describes her relationship status, career, family members and reason for death.

Do you know Kristin Wheeler? Recently, many people in the United States have been searching for her obituary on the internet. It is becoming a trend on the internet. The reason is that Kristin died unexpectedly too like many other people.

Kristen spent her childhood in Westfield in the state of Massachusetts. We need to find out Kristin Wheeler Obituary and some information about her. 


Disclaimer: We don’t support and promote this kind of data. But for the news purpose, we elaborate the information via a trusted news portal and online sources. We have found only one image and we are attaching this image only. We don’t find any other image even from social media also. 

What Do You Know About Her Death Reason?

We research Kristin’s death. But clear information is not available on the internet. Many news portals have written that Kristin died to pass away suddenly. We don’t also find the statement from her close members.

Do You Find Any Obituaries? 

Yes, we do find written and short obituaries about Kristin Wheeler. As per the obituary, we see she was born on 18 April. But surprisingly, the birth year is not mentioned. Per the obituary, Kristin completed her secondary studies at Westfield High School. 

Later she did her diploma in 2001. Many people also try to find out the obituary on Twitter as well. But we don’t find any obituary on this social media platform.

Other Information about Kristin

Kristin also worked for various companies as a cashier, which is evident in her career. She also travelled a lot for her job. Kristin’s main hobby was meeting new people and cultivating a new culture. Many said Kristin had a very kind nature. Kristin was an affectionate character. 

She often spent time with her close friends and joined many famous festivals, such as Vibes Festival and Phish Festival. But we need to get information about her Net Worth and earnings.

Short Information about Kristin Wheeler 

  • Name/ Full Name- Kristin Wheeler 
  • Nickname- No Data 
  • Profession- Service Woman. 
  • Date of Birth- 18 April 
  • Zodiac Sign- Not Known 
  • Age- nearly forty years old. 
  • Birthplace- West Field 
  • Nationality- American 
  • Marital Status- No information 
  • Fiance’s Name- George Terrell
  • Partner Name- Unknown 

Was Kristen in a Relationship?

We try to find out her relationship status and have little information about it. According to the internet news, Kristin was engaged to George Terrell. George was her fiancé of Kristin, and both bought a house in Springfield. George was her Boyfriend, and later they decided to get married. 

What do you know about Kristin’s Close Associates? 

Kristin’s father’s name was John Wheeler. He died in 2018. Name of her mother is Frances Wheeler. Kristin’s sister’s name is Jocelyn Scott; she lives in Feeding Hills. Kristin’s brother’s name is Brian Wheeler.

Kristin lost her father, John, in 2018. But Kristin had many aunts and nephews as well. The names of the nephews are Trevor Wheeler and Evan Wheeler. Kristin has Cousins, sisters and brothers and many other people. They all are feeling unfortunate after the sudden demise of Kristin. The members of her Family loved and respected Kristin very much.

Primary Information about Kristin 

If you check the internet, you can find the official obituary of Kristin. But we don’t get any information about her funeral news. Even from Kristin’s family, we need details. Kristin holds an American passport, but we need to get information on her ethnicity. As per the religious beliefs, Kristin was a Christian believer and had faith in God.

Kristin also attended Branford Hall Institute and received her degree in coding and billing. As per the report, she was very studious in her studies.

Kristin Wheeler Obituary and social media 

We don’t find any social media links to Kristin. Even we try to find out her fiancé’s George Terrell social media links. But unfortunately, we don’t see any. On the other hand, we also try to find some news and condolence news of Kristin on social media. But we fail to find any links.


Kristin Wheeler was a lovely lady who passed away suddenly. We have found some preliminary information on her but only got a little information on Kristen. You can check the link in her obituary

Do you know any information for her? Please share via commenting. 

Kristin Wheeler Obituary– FAQs

1) What was her Father’s Name Kristin? 

John Wheeler.

2) What was the name of her mother? 

Frances Wheeler.

3) Did Kristin have siblings? 

Yes, she had a sister and a brother.

4) Who is George? 

Kristin’s fiance. 

5) How old was Kristin? 

38 or 40. 

6) What was her job? 

Kristin worked as a cashier. 

7) Did you find her obituary? 


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