Ken Kao Arrested: Is Arrest News Of Him & His Wife Jessica Michibata True? Check Trending Instagram Facts Here!

This article provides information on the Ken Kao Arrested news and other facts related to the trending news.

Do you want to know about the arrest of Ken Kao? News is circulating on the internet regarding the arrest of Ken Kao and Jessica for the consumption of illegal substances. The United States and Japan readers are looking for more facts on the case.

Therefore, if you want to know the same and the facts behind the Ken Kao Arrested, read the article until the end.


Why is Ken Kao arrested?

It is said that Ken Kao is arrested along with his wife, Japan’s famous Model Jessica. They are taken into custody for the possession of an illegal substance. However, there’s no official news coming out which supports the rumors.  

Is Jessica Michibata arrested?

Yes, according to the statements coming on the internet, the Metropolitan Police Department arrested Jessica. The police department is suspicious towards Jessica for violating the Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Law. 

As per police, Jessica had a synthetic substance in her hotel room where she was staying with an acquaintance. However, Jessica denied all these allegations, but police are investigating the facts further. 

About Ken Kao

Ken Kao is an American film producer known for working with Ryan Gosling to find the Arcana. He is also famous for his work with Terrace Malick. He is the son of billionaire Min Kao, a known name in the field of GPS.

Ken Kao is active on social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. He’s got a beautiful wife name Jessica Michibata who is a model by profession. 

Facts regarding the Ken Kao Arrest

There’s not much information mentioned on the internet regarding the Ken Kao arrest. However, most of the limelight is on his wife, Jessica Michibata, who is arrested by police and is now in the custody of the Metropolitan Police Department.

No evidence or proof claims that Ken Kao is involved in the MDMA possession, but police are searching for every fact related to it. Therefore, Ken Kao arrest is not true, but the police investigation is still active. 

How did the police arrest Jessica?

Police raided the place where Jessica was staying with another person. One of the customs officers found the substance in the package, which arrived in Japan overseas. The address on the package leads the police straight to Ken Kao’s wife Jessica.

Updates on the release 

Police haven’t come forward with any official news yet. However, many of the Jessica fans couldn’t believe the news and waited for the official report from the police to come. 

In 2020, Ken Kao and Jessica purchased a lavish house in Los Angeles and kept it a secret for a long time. 

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Final Thoughts

As there is no news about Ken Kao’s arrest, it’s better to wait for the police report to come. Click here for more information.

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Ken Kao Arrested– FAQs

1: What are the famous movies of Ken Kao?

A: Wolfman, Lost in London, Song to Song, The Nice Guy and many more.

2: When did Jessica and Ken Kao get married?

A: No information is mentioned.

3: Did the police arrest Ken Kao?

A: There’s no official news on the Ken Kao arrest by the police.

4: What is the substance found with Jessica?

A: The substance called MDMA is illegal.

5: Who is the acquaintance in the hotel?

A: The acquaintance is Fukui, a native of Central Japan.

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