{Updated} Kebaya Merah Viral Full Video: Read About The Latest Viral Video On TWITTER, Reddit, And Telegram

This post on Kebaya Merah Viral Full Video will discuss all crucial information related to the viral video.

Have you heard about the viral kebaya Merah video? Many people Worldwide have been searching for this video online. A intimate video was shot in a hotel room and was uploaded online. Many people have been searching online for this video. This post will provide all the details about the Kebaya Merah Viral Full Video, so please keep reading.

What is the viral Kebaya Merah video?

Recently, a video has been uploaded on TikTok and YouTube. But recently, it has been viral all over the internet, and people are talking about this on Twitter. This video has been recorded with the consent of the people in the video. This is a video where a woman who seems like a hotel worker and a man is involved. The woman is wearing Kebaya Merah, which is an Indonesian dress. The video starts normally, but then the couple performs intimate activities in front of the camera. The video went Viral on TWITTER, and people started talking about it everywhere. This video was brought down as soon as it was uploaded.

Who were the people in the video?

The video seemed like a planned video where both people had decided their roles. So, the real identity of the people is still unknown. However, our research found that an account called @vr****d1 had uploaded the video. There are no details of this account, as it might have been deleted. A woman, maybe in her 20s and a man in his late 20s or 30s, were seen in the video. The video went viral in less time on Reddit and reached the reddit page of many people. This video was also filled with comments from many people. Now, the video has been the centre of discussion on social media platforms. People are still circulating this video on social media.

What was the couple doing in the video?

The couple, a man and a woman, performed intimate activities in the video. The video is 16 minutes long and starts when the woman who looks like a hotel worker knocks at the man’s door. Then the video continues as the woman does some chores in the hotel room. The Kebaya Merah Viral Full Video continues as the man and the worker engage in intimate activities. This video contains inappropriate scenes, so we do not recommend anyone look for this video. Besides this, this video may contain phishing links that steal people’s personal information, which can be misused later.

Which social media accounts had the video?

The video was first uploaded on YouTube. This video had around 35000 likes and thousands of comments. Later on, this video was deleted because it promoted inappropriate scene. Later, the video was uploaded on TikTok, where it reached a huge audience, and many people watched it. It was discovered that this video has also been viral on Telegram. This video is a very popular topic on Twitter, and people are circulating it and even selling it.  


We do not support circulating private videos. We also do not recommend anyone to look into this video as it contains many harmful links that can steal personal data. 

Final words

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Kebaya Merah Viral Full Video – FAQs

  1. What is Kebaya Merah?

Answer: Kebaya Merah is an Indonesian dress worn by women

  1. What was in the Kebaya Merah video?

Answer: The video contained a man and a woman being engaged in intimate activities

  1. Is the video still available online?

Answer: The video has been brought down because it promoted inappropriate content.

  1. Who uploaded the video online? 

Answer: An account named vr****d1 uploaded the video on social media

  1. Who were the people in the viral video?

Answer: The identity of the couple in the Kebaya Merah Viral Full Video is still unknown; however, there was a hotel worker and a middle-aged man in the video.

  1. Which social media platform had the video?

Answer: The video has been currently taken down. However, it was earlier trending on social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

  1. Is the video still circulating online?

Answer: As per sources, the video is still circulating online on Twitter, and people are discussing it and even selling it.

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