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Have you heard about the important news that has caught the attention of the readers? This news is related to a personality known for betraying her country. Have you heard about Jones Rebekah? 

After releasing this news, readers are shocked and looking forward to getting full information about this sensitive news. The readers of the United States are eager to know about trending news on Jones Rebekah Twitter. Let’s round up essential details in the following section.


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Why is Jones Rebekah trending on Twitter?

She is now a topic of discussion due to her son. Rebekah Jones, a former worker for the state of Florida, revealed on Twitter that her 13-year-old son had been detained in Santa Rosa County for making digital threats of terrorism on Wednesday night. 

In the tweets, Jones claimed a police officer had informed her that her son had a warrant out for his arrest. After receiving a tip from the government about certain conversations, he wrote in a Snapchat group.

Let’s read about Rebekah Jones, Florida

The son of Rebekah Jones was detained in Florida shortly after allegedly threatening to stab and shoot up a school. Jones claims that after a threat evaluation, the local police and the school agreed that the messages did not pose a threat. Jones claims that her son was detained two weeks later. 

Jones claims that when she questioned the officers about who had ordered the arrest, one of them allegedly responded it was the state. After her son’s arrest, she tweeted and stated her concern about her family.

What is the claimed offense by Jones’ Son?

According to a Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office incident report, the 13-year-old repeatedly threatened to shoot up Holley Navarre Middle School and stab students who irritated him. Investigators questioned numerous students who interacted with the adolescent and people who saw social networking communications he posted. 

During the questioning by the investigation officer, Rebekah Jones stated that there was no gun present. The only weapons present were kitchen knives, which she had locked away.

This news is trending on all social sites, including Redditt. Her followers are commenting on her post. Few responses show sympathy toward her, while others are ashamed of her son’s actions.

Quick Wiki about Rebekah Jones-

Full Name Rebekah D. Jones
Birthplace Windber, Pennsylvania
Birth date July,1989
Nationality American
Education Syracuse University (BS) Louisiana State University (MS) Florida State University
Profession She is an American geographer, data scientist, activist, and whistleblower.
Parents name Not found
Spouse Jacob Romer
Children  Two

Within three hours, Jones Rebekah Twitter post received many views and widespread attention. Many of them have backed her and expressed their opinions regarding the arrest of a 13-year-old boy with autism. 

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The final Verdict-

They have not yet concluded; the investigation is still ongoing. The teen showed up via Zoom for his arrest hearing on Thursday afternoon. With a monitor, the teen was given home detention release.

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Jones Rebekah Twitter-FAQs-

Q.1 Why is Jones Rebekah topic of discussion?

Ans- Due to her son’s arrest.

Q.2 Is she politically active?


Q.3 Which political party did she join?

Ans-Democratic party.

Q.4 Why did she get fired from her job?

Ans- Due to her persistent disobedience, she was fired in May 2020.

Q.5 Which protection she received from the state after the investigation of her allegation?

Ans- Whistleblower Protections.

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