Jmv Hyundai Sohna Reviews {March} Check If It Is Legit?

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Do you know the incident in Sohana JMV Hyundai?

Our source discloses a customer brutally beaten inside the showroom due to his video against the showroom. 

The incident horrified many people in India. Also, the news is trending all over social media. So, we decided to find out the real reason behind it. Let’s discuss the matter via JMV Hyundai Sohna Reviews.

The Incident That Took Place

What happened in Sohana, Gurugram? Our investigative research says that many buyers have been unhappy with the Sohana Hyundai dealer for the last few months.

Our sources find the actual problem is the man management and lack of professionalism. Many customers also accused that the particular showroom does not provide good services to the customers.

The customers also accused many times the showroom sales the car in bad condition. So, the number of complaints is growing day by day. At last owner of the Creta took place in the showroom.

JMV Hyundai Case– the Real Reason

The name of the car owner is Ajit Singh. For the last few months, Ajit Singh has complained about service-related problems. But our sources reveal the showroom didn’t take any step.

So, one day around 10-15 people suddenly started beating the car owner Ajit Singh. Our sources also reveal that few of them tried to destroy the owner’s phone.

Police visited the spot after the incident. They started an investigation into the incident. Our sources claim the case is under the judicial process—much demand for justice.

Jmv Hyundai Sohna Rating

Our research finds out that many people put bad reviews about the showroom after the incident. On the other hand, Ajit Singh also accuses the showroom of pressuring him to remove the video from social media.

But Ajit Singh was denied removing the video from the social media platform. So, the workers of the showroom beat him brutally.

Our sources also find that Ajit Singh made a video on the showroom non-professional attitude and circulated it on the social media platform.

As per our research, the incident took place when JMV Hyundai Owner took the video.

Recent Update

The create owner’s video on the showroom went viral on social media as many old buyers were very angry about the showroom’s unprofessional behaviour.

After the incident happened to Ajit Singh, many people got angry. The service holders are now demanding to take serious action against the showroom.

Why the News is Trending

Our research says many people think Ajit Singh did excellent work for the buyers. Without getting any support, one person took the initiative to take action against the showroom’s lousy behaviour.

Many people are demanding that JMV Hyundai Alipur be closed for this reason.

At Last 

Our research also finds that many people are now demanding to take strict action against the showroom and the people who involved in the incident. 

The police also found out the name of the people involved in the Ajit Singh case. Besides this, it is also demanding that police take strict action to the showroom.

However, whatever information and data we are sharing here are research based. We also take data from the news media and internet sources to give you a proper and error free JMV Hyundai Sohna Reviews

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