Jay Ersapah Linkedin: Who is Jay Ersapah? What Happened To Her? Explore Details On Her Biography, And Role As Manager

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What Happened to Jay Ersapah?

Jay Ersapah worked as a Chief Analyst at Silicon Valley Bank. She has been accused of prioritising LGBTQ efforts. She has also been accused of launching a pride drive before Silicon Valley Bank lost billion. She also expressed her pride in working with this bank. Nine months before this incident, Jay was identified as a queer person from a working-class background. She also emphasised the cerebral health awareness of the LGBTQ community. She became the news headline after the Svb bank’s collapse.

Who is Jay Ersapah?

Jay Ersapah is a popular bank executive and financial manager born in 1982 in Birmingham, England. She has attracted the attention of the people accused of prioritising LGBTQ efforts which became the reason for the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Jay went to Queen Elizabeth College, and she did her Bachelor of Science in Economics from there. She began her career by being an intern at Ernst & Young. Then she took Citi Graduate Programme. Later, she began her full-time career at Barclays. She also worked as a recovery and Resolution Planning Lead at Deloitte.

The Role of Jay as a Manager

Jay was leading a successful career in Financial Risk Management and Risk Analysis. But, her insistence on prioritisation of LGBTQ efforts has brought a significant change in her life. The loss of Silicon Valley Bank also greatly impacts her life. She initiated a pride campaign and a new blog emphasising cerebral health awareness. Before the collapse of SVB, Jay was considered one of the top 100 LGBTQ Future Leaders by the professional network Outstanding. She wrote many articles to promote LGBTQ awareness. She is interested in spreading LGBTQ awareness due to being a queer person. She has many other interesting things in her Bio.

The Talent of Jay

Everyone considers Jay to be a talented lady. She has good competency in demanding roles, exceptional interpersonal skills, a growth mindset, and is an effective leader. She was able to lead a high-performing team effectively. She has contributed a lot to SVB in building a good position in the financial market. She could lead the bank effectively due to being a highly talented person. She has good competency in several demanding roles. Jay also completed her education with flying colours. She received her A-Level Certificate from Cambridge High School.

Some people enquired whether Jay was Gentile. But there are no further details regarding this. She has not revealed anything about it.

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Jay is a talented leader and Financial Risk Manager. She contributed a lot to SVB with her talent and efforts. But, her prioritisation of LGBTQ has created a big issue. She has been in the news after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. She is a promoter of LGBTQ awareness. She also identified herself as a queer person from a working-class background. To know more, please visit the link

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Details On The Role of Jay as Officer-FAQs

Q1. When was Jay born?

In 1982.

Q2. Where was Jay born?

Birmingham City, England.

Q3. Which college did she attend?

Queen Elizabeth College.

Q4. From where did Jay receive her A-Certificate?

Cambridge High School.

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