Want James Bond’s No Time to Die Look? It’s All About the Sunglasses!

James Bond isn’t just known for his superior spying abilities – it’s how slick he looks while he’s going about his daily life that has cemented his status as a Great British icon. Disarming bombs, protecting British interests, and saving the world – you know, ordinary work tasks – has never looked so stylish.

If you admired Bonds’ exquisite style in the 2021 movie No Time to Die, then you may have noticed the four killer pairs of shades he wore at various points throughout the film. Two were from the luxury designer brand Barton Perreira, and two were from the iconic eyewear purveyor Vuarnet. We have everything you need to know about these four classic pairs of sunglasses below – including how much each will set you back!

‘Joe’ Sunglasses from Barton Perreira

Founded in 2007, the brand Barton Perreira is an exclusive purveyor of luxury eyewear, so it’s no surprise that James Bond sports a pair in No Time to Die. Each pair of ‘Joe’ sunglasses which were handmade in Japan and incorporates a metal core that’s coated in zylonite acetate. In the movie, we see Bond sport these limited-edition shades when he comes out of retirement and returns to MI6 refreshed and ready to save the world again.

If you order a pair of these iconic sunglasses directly from the designer, you’ll also receive a special 007 cleaning cloth and case; the glasses themselves have ‘007’ inscribed on the temples. Or really push the boat out and opt for this design in black with Vintage Grey lenses to also get a limited-edition box and authenticity card.

Tempted? If you want a pair of ‘Joe’ sunglasses, you’ll need to stump up around $525 – but then, these are extremely special shades.

‘Edge’ Sunglasses from Vuarnet 

Audiences saw Daniel Craig’s Bond wear this luxury pair of sports sunglasses at the point in the movie when Lashana Lynch’s character sees him out of a cargo plane sporting a folding wing glider.

The French eyewear brand Vuarnet is known for the high-end elegance and timelessness of its shades, and the ‘Edge’ design is the epitome of the company’s aesthetic. With their subtle acetate rimes and finely crafted, round-shaped frames, these are every inch Bond.

The inspiration for the design of the Edge collection comes from the natural environment, according to the brand: the bio acetate is sustainable, and the signature mineral lenses offer the ultimate in eye protection. As well as the ultimate in cool.

Want the look? These shades come in at $300, roughly.

‘Norton’ Shades from Barton Perreira

Another country, another exclusive pair of designer shades…Bond sports a second pair of sunglasses from Barton Perreira in the scenes in Southern Italy where the spy is feeling loved up with Dr. Madeleine Swann. Like the ‘Joe’ design, these shades are made from hard wearing zylonite acetate – which is lucky; as one of Bond’s accessories, they’re likely to take some punishment. The design seen in the movie features a tortoiseshell frame and bottle green lenses.

The brand is all about passion and attention to detail, and the craftsmen who create each pair focus on every tiny element to ensure the perfect finish every time. A single pair takes weeks to refine before being considered ready for sale.

When you order this design from Barton Perreira, you’ll receive a limited edition 007 box, case, cleaning cloth, and authenticity card. Plus, they have 007 inscribed on each temple.

You’ll pay about $440 for a pair of ‘Norton’ shades – but considering the handmade nature of these sunglasses, that seems fair,

‘Legend 06’ from Vuarnet

And back to Vuarnet for the fourth and final pair of sunglasses that Bond wears in No Time to Die. These shades are the most ‘classic Bond’ of the lot in terms of frame shape. They’re crafted from flexible and resilient Vuarnet nylon and incorporate Brownlynx lenses. This gives a yellow tint to the world from the wearer’s point of view.

Crafted in France, the ‘Legend 06’ is unisex, with a slimline cat’s eye design, and is built to last while providing optimum comfort. The mineral glass lenses offer crystal clear vision and are naturally shock-proof and scratch-resistant. They offer unparalleled protection, too, filtering out 100% of UV rays and up to 99% of harmful blue light. These shades will also protect your eyes from up to 94% of infrared.

Bond can be seen wearing these shades as he’s driving around Jamaica, accessorizing them with a Croakies eyewear strap in a fetching shade of blue. They’re the perfect eyewear to pop on when you’re about to board a luxury yacht – as you do.

These sunglasses from Vuarnet will set you back around $200.

No Time for Unstylish Sunglasses

If you really want to take your sunglasses game to the next level and beyond in 2023, then take some sartorial inspiration from Bond this year, and invest in a pair of classic, iconic, and luxe shades such as the ones listed above.

While the price tag may leave your bank account feeling a little shaken (and stirred), as a fashion investment, they’re a great option. 

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