Jacob Lewis Taylor Swift Concert: Is He Dead? What Does Suspect Him? Find Twitter Updates Here!

The Jacob Lewis Taylor Swift Concert trend is vast among the public. The post clarifies the doubts and provides in-depth information.

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Did you look for her concerts every time? The recent concert of Taylor Swift is gaining massive attention among the audience of Houston in the United States. But do you know the reason behind it? 

Jacob Lewis, a fan of Taylor Swift’s, is the reason for the alarming attention on the Houston concert. All the Taylor Swift fans mourn his killing. Read further on the Jacob Lewis Taylor Swift Concert incident.

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What is the news about?

Jacob Lewis, a twenty-year-old boy, attended an Eros tour concert of Taylor Swift in Houston. He was with his sister for the live concert. 

Jacob and his sister got hit by a drunken driver while they were going home. The investigation states that Jacob’s sister got mild injuries while Jacob Lewis left his life on the spot. 

Twitter users are curious to know more about the incident. So, read more for additional pointers below.

More information on the Jacob Lewis death

The Jacob Lewis’s accident occurred after the concert on 22nd April 2023 at around 1:15am on Saturday at South U.S. Highway 59. Jacob left the place after the event in his Buick LaCrosse. His sister, seated near the driver’s seat, was saved with minor injuries.

Houston Police Department stated that Jacob was hit by a drunken driver whose vehicle got turned off suddenly in a northbound lane.

Is Jacob Lewis Taylor dead?

Some people claim that Jacob Lewis is alive. Our research confirms with genuine data that Jacob is dead and is mourned by his family.

This question was arousing among the public because of the rumour going rounds. The rumour says that Jacob Lewis’s death news is unreal and is created to build attention to the upcoming events of Taylor Swift.

Nowadays, creating an unreal story to promote events is very common. But, when we went deep into the news, it was clear that the Jacob Lewis death news was real.

What does Jacob Lewis Taylor suspect?

Police from the Houston department stated that Jacob Lewis’s car was hit by a black Volkswagen Beetle car. They mentioned the suspect named Alan Bryant Hayes, a 34-year-old.

Jacobs’s father confirms that the suspect stopped his car and helped Jacob’s sister exit. He even mentions that Hayes supports Jacob and pulls him out of the driver’s seat. Then, he left the place immediately with his car. 

Police confirm that Alan Hayes fled the incident site without stopping for aid. Hence, they were tracked and arrested by the police forces.

Jacob Lewis Taylor Swift Concert became news in the city due to the tragic loss. Read further and find some personal details of Jacob Lewis.

Jacob Lewis Wiki

  • Name: Jacob Charles Lewis
  • Age: 20-year-old
  • Date of birth: Unknown
  • Birthplace: Houston
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Father: Steve Lewis
  • Siblings: A Sister named April Bancroft

Jacob Lewis was a sophomore at Sam Houston State University. He was expected to major in musical theatre. Jacob’s Father’s statement says that Jacob was a smart boy with interest in playing and listening to music. 

Taylor Swift’s Twitter fans are given comments saying Long Live to Swift fan. 

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Jacob Lewis, a fan of Taylor, died after a severe accident. Fans of Taylor Swift are sad and are mourning the loss. The suspect is under police custody.

Have you ever watched Taylor Swift concerts? Read more for comments below.

Jacob Lewis Taylor Swift Concert–FAQ

Q1. When did Jacob’s accident suspect catch?

Jacob’s suspect was caught on 24th April 2023

Q2. How was Jacob Lewis caught?

It is reported that two truck drivers were given an alert to follow the suspect. Officers chased him to the 4500 block at Caroline Street and took him under custody.

Q3. What charges were enforced on the suspect?

DWI and failure to render aid and stop

Q4. How did Hayes prove to be drunk? 

The evaluation of his body was done in St. Joseph’s Hospital, which proves he was drunk. 

Q5. Where is the next Taylor Swift concert?

28th April 2023 Atlanta, Georgia, the United States

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