{Video Link} Izmir De Vurulan Taksici Twitter Video: Is It On Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram

This post on Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Twitter Video will inform you about the trending updates on the viral video on Instagram, Telegram, etc. 

What is the incident that happened in Izmir? Why the netizens are talking about it? The recent incident was a shocking one. Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Twitter Video started circulating online in Türkiye and people were shocked to know that the murder happened late at night. In this post, we will cover some important details about this murder and we will let you know who was killed. 

About Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Twitter Video

According to the online sites, a video is trending in Turkey’s city, Izmir where a taxi driver was killed without any reason by a customer. In the video, we can see the customer shooting the 44-year-old taxi driver whose name is identified as Oguz Erge. The video was recorded in the in-car camera and then it went viral on Instagram and other sites. On Twitter, many people showed their anger at the increased violence in the city against the taxi drivers. In the video, it was seen that the customer fired three shots at the taxi driver. Thus, it was a terrifying incident and raised concerns for taxi driver’s safety. 

Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Video

The video of this incident started trending on many online sites. It was seen that a young boy of 19 years old whose name is Delil Aysal was seen shooting the taxi driver from behind. When the boy asked how much money he had to pay, the taxi driver told him that 221 Lira had to be paid. As a result, he took out a gun from his pocket as shown in the Telegram viral video. He put his hands in his pocket as if he was taking out money, but it was a gun and he shot him. He then came out of the car and opened the front door of the driver’s seat and looked for something for about 10 minutes. 

Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Video

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Is the video available on Instagram

The video was seen on the IG platform. There are a few accounts on IG that have shared the viral video on the IG. You need to search the video properly on IG. The video is not blurred and the human figures are clearly shown.

The Presence of Video on Tiktok

We cannot see if this video is available on this platform or not because this online video-making platform has been banned in some countries due to some issues. Thus, the video may or may not be posted on Tiktok. Thus, you can search for the video on this site if it is working in your region. 

Youtube Video Of Izmir Incident! 

Many news channels on YT have covered this news. They have shared all the details about this video and the culprit has been arrested. On Youtube, the face of this culprit was also revealed online. 

Telegram channel for this video! 

This video might be present on this social site. You need to search for the channel sharing the video.


Summing up this post, we have informed the readers of the viral video of the murder of a taxi driver, Oguz Erge

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DISCLAIMER:  We could not share the viral video because it contains sensitive and disturbing scenes.

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