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The article details Argentina’s most famous Marine biologist and explains Irene Bernasconi Age and her working career in the field of sea creatures.

Have you heard of Irene Bernasconi? She was a Marine biologist who lost her life at the age of 92 years. Google Doodle has honored a woman today, and people worldwide are skeptical about the lady receiving such huge recognition. 

Many of us are unknown who Irene was and why she was famous. This article will point out all the related details and her works of recognition and knowledge about the Irene Bernasconi Age and all the interesting facts.

Why is Irene Bernasconi famous?

Irene Bernasconi was famous for her echinoderm research and was known for her work in the Antarctic. She was the first to conduct echinoderm research and spent 55 years learning about echinoderms in the Argentine Sea. She was a very famous Marine Biologist. 

Irene Bernasconi Where I study?

The details of her college are unknown. As mentioned earlier in the previous heading, Irene Bernasconi was known for her echinoderm research conducted on marine animals. She won many awards and recognition in her research career and spent about 55 years conducting research and experiments. She was born on September 29, 1896

Her Biography reveals that she researched sea stars and sea urchins. She was one of the first female scientist of Argentina to takeout research in that region.

Irene Bernasconi Wikipedia

Here is a quick look at Wikipedia.

Full Name Irene Bernasconi
Birth Place La Plata, Argentina
Birth Date September 29, 1896
Death Date July 7, 1989
Marital Status Unknown
Age 92 years
Nationality Argentinean
Occupation Marine Biologist

Irene Bernasconi’s Net worth

No details about her estimated net worth have been mentioned yet. But we will update the same if any details are found.

Irene Bernasconi Cause of Death

People are wondering what led to Irene’s death, so to their knowledge, Irene died on July 7, 1989, four years after her retirement. The exact cause of her death is unknown. Her career ended in 1984 with the Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory Women in Science and Engineering. 

She started her career as a Teacher, which pushed her to her career in the research area. She published over 70 pieces of scientific research gaining huge appreciation. Echinoderm is a kind of invertebrate marine animal from the phylum Echinodermata.

Irene Bernasconi Discoveries

Born in La Plata, Argentina, Irene Bernasconi started her career as a teacher specializing in Biological studies and natural science before she got into the Argentine museum in the early 1920s. 

It allowed her to excel in the field and refine her academic career, which helped to initiate the research on molluscs and marine invertebrates from 1925 till the time of her retirement.

Irene Bernasconi Contributions

Irene retired in 1984, just four years before her death. As mentioned already, the cause of her death is unknown, and at the time of death, she was 92 years old. She had a prolific career and earned recognition from all parts of the world for her famous research on invertebrates Family

She spent over 50 years studying these sea creatures and various kinds of the Echinoderm creatures. Despite the dangerous climate at the South Pole, Irene and her team researched the biodiversity there, which made her win several medals and awards.

Known facts about Irene Bernasconi Children

There are no related facts about her family and her parents and siblings. We only know of Irene Bernasconi, and she is now known to every person after the pictures were released through Google Doodle.

Are there any reports related to Irene on YouTube?

After Google honored the scientist, many videos on YouTube explained her entire career and marked recognition of her entire research career. The link mentioned below denotes her entire career, and people interested to know about her can watch the video here.


We now know that Irene Bernasconi was a very famous lady and was known for her research in the field of invertebrates. Would you like to know more about her? Comment below. 

Irene Bernasconi Age– FAQs

  1. Who was Irene Bernasconi?

A marine biologist

  1. What was her age?

92 years

  1. When did she retire from her post?

In 1984

  1. Are there details related to her family?


  1. What was her research on?

Marine creatures

  1. What was the time of her research career?

Around 55 years

  1. In which field she specialized?

She specialized in the field of echinoderm research and sea creatures.

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