Harun UND Olivia Reddit: Is His Video Went Viral on TWITTER & Other Networks Like TIKTOK, Instagram, YOUTUBE & Telegram? Know Here!

This article provides information on the Harun UND Olivia Reddit and updated facts about the viral video.

Are you looking for a video of the Haurn UND Olivia? The video got into the limelight recently when more people shared it on social media platforms and private groups in countries like Switzerland, Germany, and Austria

If you want to know the whole scenario related to Harun UND Olivia Reddit, start reading the article until the end. 

Why is Harun UND Olivia trending?

It all happened a few days back when people were posting content in addition to the original content, and that’s why the user started searching for the original video. The video has explicit and mature content, which is why many people are looking for it. 

Is Harun Video Viral on TWITTER?

The Twitter platform is filled with different hashtags related to the video, and you will find many related clips. However, the entire video is not available as maybe there are chances that it got down by the social media platforms.

People are still looking for the links that lead them to the original video, but they need help finding the few seconds clips which are getting viral on the internet. 

What are the contents of the video?

In the video, which is getting the limelight and audience’s attention on TIKTOK and other platforms, the famous journalist Harun is shooting a video of himself in which Olivia is sitting on his chest in undergarments. 

However, that’s the content of a few seconds as no full video is available anywhere, and many people have tried their best to get the video. Still, it is not available on any website or social media. 

What are the reactions of the users?

After watching the clip of Harun and Olivia, everyone was surprised to see the explicit content on social media platforms like Twitter. However, there are few opinions and reactions mentioned on the internet as the whole video is nowhere to be found on YOUTUBE or other websites, and without it, the viewers know the whole context. 


What are the reactions of the users

Who is Harun Tusenmacher and Harun Olivia?

It becomes essential to know about the personalities involved in the viral video. There’s not much information about them present on the internet as they are private people. However, there is something that we can gather, like:

  • Harun is the founder of an independent Somali Media.
  • He has been a journalist for more than 30 years.
  • Worked with different presses and worked for VOA in 2008.

Where can the users find the clips?

The clips are available on different platforms, and they can also read the discussion on Instagram and Reddit. However, the readers will find a few seconds of video as there are no links to the full video.

Social media links-

Final words 

The viral video scenario is taking over the internet, especially on social media platforms like Twitter. You can find different hashtags and search links related to the video and let’s hope that more facts will come out about the video in the future. 

What are your views related to it? Please comment.

Harun UND Olivia Reddit- FAQs

Q1. Who is the girl sitting on Harun’s chest?

A: The girl’s name is Olivia.

Q2. Are the videos taken down?

A: Reddit and Telegram don’t have the video, and it seems it has been taken down.

Q3. What is the profession of Harun in Somalia Editor?

A: He worked as an editor.

Q4. When was the Somalia media established?

A: In 1991. 

Q5. Is Olivia also a journalist?

A: No information is mentioned regarding it. 

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