[Full Original Video] Harta Demencia Video Original: Check How Many People Were Killed, Also Explore The Details Of Harta Demencia El Video Gore From Twitter

This post on Harta Demencia Video Original will help you understand the incident that happened in the rehabilitation center. Kindly read.

Are you updated on Harta Demencia’s current situation? Was he found dead? If you remember a popular meme of 2016, then you will remember the Harta Demencia meme. Every online source has been sharing Harta Demencia Video Original as it has saddened many of his fans Worldwide. If you do not know what happened in the rehabilitation center, then this post will be very helpful for you. So, please stay in touch with us for all the latest updates.

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Original Video Of Harta Demencia! 

As per the latest reports, Eliseo Duarte who has become a popular figure after his meme went viral was shot by some intruders. He was in the aid house when some people entered and open fire on the people. A few people were killed and some were injured. The incident shocked everyone and people are in grief after the death of Eliseo Duarte. 

Harta Demencia El Original Video

On February 23, 2023, a heartbreaking incident occurred in Ecuador. The incident not only took the lives of some people but left everyone in shock. During this open firing, Eliseo Duarte, a famous figure of a popular meme that circulated in 2016 was also shot dead. It is unbelievable for many people that they have lost this gem who has made everyone laugh with his talent. His fans are remembering him. 

As per online sources, he had been the protagonist in a video where he revealed that he wanted to end the era of traffickers. Since then, he became a part of the meme community and made everyone laugh. Harta Demencia Video Twitter received many comments and condolences from people all around. 

DISCLAIMER: We have mentioned some relevant facts on the death of Eliseo Duarte (Harta Demencia). The original video seems disturbing as many faint-hearted people cannot watch the live killing of people. So, we have not shared the original video here. One can search for it on web portals. 

How many people were killed? 

As per web sources, around four people were killed during this incident. Two were injured badly while two people were safe luckily. The criminals started firing on the people present in the aid house. They were sleeping when these intruders entered and started yelling at them and started shooting each one of them. The Harta Demencia El Video Gore cannot be shared on our site as many readers are young and the video can be inappropriate for them.


Ending this post, we have covered all the facts on the video of Eliseo Duarte that went viral on many online sites. Our team has provided all the latest updates here. We hope that it would help you. 

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Harta Demencia Video Original: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What do we know about Eliseo Duarte? 

Ans. As per online sources, Eliseo Duarte is a person whose video went viral in 2016 and he had become a popular personality since then.

Q2. Is Eliseo Duarte killed? 

Ans. Some online sources revealed that Eliseo Duarte was killed when some intruders invaded the aid house and started shooting people there. 

Q3. What happened in the aid house? 

Ans. As per the latest reports, some intruders entered the rehabilitation center and started firing on the people present there. 

Q4. Was the video leaked online? 

Ans. The Harta Demencia Video Original went viral on several public platforms as the video was shot by one of the criminals.

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