Gordon Lawshe Caldwell NJ: Who Is His Wife, Also Check His Address, Contact, and Phone Number Here!

This article on Gordon Lawshe Caldwell NJ was written to give you a brief description of the incident that took place in New Jersey.

Who is Gordon Lawshe? Why is everyone eager to know about this? What happened to Gordon? Who is Lawshe? People from all over the United States and Canada are excited to get further information about them. If you are one of them, you have ended up at the right place. All the details regarding Gordon Lawshe Caldwell NJ will be mentioned ahead in this article. So kindly read the article with your full attention till the end. 

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What happened in Caldwell? 

Someone was found spraying a solution on Gordon’s neighbor’s property last month and no one could recognize the person. So Gordon called the police to investigate this matter. The man accused a girl of spraying a lanternfly-killing solution. The girl lived nearby and she was accused by him. 

He claimed that he was scared and he was afraid. Gordon Laws allegedly called the police on a nine-year-old black child when he saw her catching lantern flies. As she was wearing a black hoodie he thought that criminal activity is taking place. Read this article further for more information. 

Disclaimer: All the details are based on the internet sources; we are not personally blaming anyone. The contact number provided is as per online sources. We are not taking its authenticity.

Gordon Lawshe Address 

Gordon Lawshe is 70 years old and he lives in the Caldwell neighborhood. The address to his house is Elizabeth St, Caldwell, NJ. His relatives are Jessica Johnson, Lynore Klawshe, and Michael Lawshe. They have also lived in Lincon Park, NJ, and Parsippany, NJ. As we have read Gordon is related to Jessica Johnson and Lynore Klawshe. 

All the personal information about Gordon was found through them. Gordon was scared and threatened by this little black girl. People claim him to be a racist. 

Who is Monique Joseph? 

Monique Joseph is the mother of this girl who was catching the lanternflies. The mother says that her 9-year-old daughter is still in fear after the white man called the police on her just for spraying a lanternfly-killing solution. 

As per the mother, she sprayed the solution to save the tree from invasive insects. The mother also inquired about the white man’s Wife but no information about his wife has been found anywhere on the Internet. Joseph says that her daughter was racially discriminated against by the white man which raises awareness of the dangers of racial bias to the local community and residents. 

About Bobby Wilson 

Bobby Wilson is a nine-year-old girl who was accused by a white neighbor. Joseph her mother said that her child was badly threatened by this white man which is not safe for her. She says that she is still in fear. Lawshe has lived across that street for nearly eight years, were in Contact for such a long time and this is what makes this situation even more triggering. 

Joseph said that Lawshe has not spoken to her since this incident took place and he also refused to meet her at the police station for better investigation by Caldwell police. She said that she wanted to have a conversation with him as a neighbor but he refused.  

More about the incident 

Joseph and Gordon Lawshe Caldwell NJ had a meeting amongst themselves where Bobbi and her 13-year-old sister was also present. Caldwell Mayor John Kelley apologized for the traumatic experience she went through because of the laws. After this meeting B, Bobbi joseph was invited to the west Caldwell police department to talk more about the police’s role in the community. 

Joseph said that she hopes that the community can learn about the anti-racist environments from an incident that happened with her daughter. The police found Gordon’s Phone number through his relatives and investigated further. His number is found on the internet as (973) 610-6976. This incident taught everyone a lot about bias, and diversity and about how we can make black and brown children safe and secure in the community. 


As we have read above about the incident that took place in new jersey we found about the racial discrimination that took place there. This news is viral all over the United States and Canada. In the end, everything was sorted among the neighbors. For more information, click on this link What are your thoughts on Gordon? Share your views below. 

Gordon Lawshe Caldwell NJ – FAQs 

Q1. Who is Gordon Lawshe? 

He was the mayor of Caldwell. 

Q2. Who sprayed the solution? 

A nine-year-old girl, Bobbi. 

Q3. Was the girl black? 


Q4. What did Gordon think? 

He got scared and thought an illegal activity was taking place. 

Q5. Who was Bobbi’s mother? 


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