Fulton County Detention Officer Video: What Is Kawana Jenkins Jail Phone Number? Check Mugshots Trending Reasons Now!

The Fulton County Detention Officer Video created a trending news on the social platform. Grab the complete information on the incident here.

Fulton officer? It is a lady Fulton County officer who was seen in the video. She had been in the news for quite some time. Do you know why? The reported Fulton County officer belongs to the United States

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The video involving Fulton County officer

Fulton County officer Kawana Jenkins was arrested on Monday, 20th March 2023. It was for recovering an indecent video. This video showed herself sitting on the lap of the accused, Jamal Ward. She was seen kissing and licking the face of the accused.

The Jamal Ward voice in the Kawana Jenkins Fulton County Video said ‘give’em to me’ while she hand-over the Cartier glasses. This video was recovered on one of the seized eleven cell phones by the sheriff’s strike team. Kawana Jenkins seems to be performing this intimate activity repeatedly. 

Who is Kawana Jenkins?

Kawana Jenkins is a detention officer in Fulton County. She is 36 years old. She has worked in a sheriff’s office since December 2019. She is facing multiple charges against her for inappropriate activity with an under-custody accused.

Fulton County Jail Mugshots are going viral after the spread of the news. Let us know about her current status.

Where is Kawana Jenkins now?

Kawana Jenkins was arrested and kept in the same jail where she worked. Following are the charges that Kawana is facing.

  • Inappropriate contact by an agent or employee: 2 counts 
  • Violation of promise by a public officer: 5 counts 
  • Irresponsible behavior during duty: 2 counts
  • Unkindness to prisoners: 2 counts 
  • procure/obtain/give prisoner forbidden thing lacking authorization: 1 count 

Fulton County Detention Officer Video on the social platform had an extensive stir. She immediately got fired from her job and was arrested with appropriate charges.

About Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Fulton County Sheriff’s office is a county jail for medium security. It is situated in Atlanta, Georgia, Fulton County. This jail is known for housing a male accused over 18 years old. They are the ones who have undergone violation of Georgia State law.

Fulton County Jail is under the keeping of the Georgia Department of rectification. Below are some essential points for more detailed knowledge of Fulton County Jail.

  • Jail Name: Fulton County Jail
  • Fulton County Jail Phone Number: 404-613-2000
  • Address: 901-Rice Street Northwest, Georgia, Atlanta, 30318
  • Site name: www.fultonsheriff.org

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The viral Fulton County video is trending. People are worried about their security. The involved officer is under custody.

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Fulton County Detention Officer Video–FAQ

Q1. Does Kawana pay compensation? 

Yes, she needs to grant an amount of $135,000.

Q2. Is the Fulton County officer video available in the media? 


Q3. Where was the Fulton officer video released? 

The source of the released video on the social platform is unidentified.

Q4. Is this recovered video the latest one? 

No, reportedly a video captured in between December 2022 to March 2023.

Q5. Who reported the Kawana case to the public? 

Fulton Sheriff Pat Labat. 

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