[Watch] Fitting Room H&M Telegram: Is The Cctv Video Footage Getting Viral on TWITTER, Reddit, TIKTOK, Instagram & YOUTUBE Networks? Checkout Facts Here!

The below article covers all the sensational news about the viral Fitting Room H&M Telegram video.

How many viral videos did you watch this January? Have you heard about the fitting room video of H&M? Recently, a woman from Malaysia complained that her private photographs were sold online.

The videos of various women were illegally sold online to different parties. The videos were taken at an H&M fitting room and went viral on Telegram. People became so curious that they continuously searched for the Fitting Room H&M Telegram video.

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Which video went viral on Telegram?

A Twitter handle, @meleisgw, recently discovered that some of her dress-changing videos are sold online. She also included five different women’s clothes changing videos and screenshots that are sold online illegally.

All the videos and screenshots were captured from a hidden camera in a fitting room of H&M, and someone posted them on Telegram.

Does the video also go viral on Twitter?

Yes, the video of those five women went viral on various social media platforms. Many curious people type Cctv Video Viral on TWITTER to find out about the video. You can check our “Social Media Links” section to see people’s reactions to this video.

What was the reaction of the woman who noticed it first?

The Twitter handle @meleisgw was shocked after watching her videos on the internet. She mentioned that she was one of the victims. The video caused a lot of embarrassment for her.

Not only on Telegram and Twitter, but the video went viral on Reddit also. From @meleisgw, people came to know that the fitting room where the videos were taken was the fitting room of H&M. Someone captured the CCTV video footage from a hidden camera, and now it has spread all over the internet.

Did H&M respond to anything about this matter?

On 10th January 2023, H&M released a statement that customer safety is their topmost priority, and they will conduct an inspection of all the fitting rooms. They have already informed the police, and the investigation is now ongoing.

Has the video gone viral on Instagram?

After searching Instagram, we could not find any details about this viral video. No one has posted anything about this video on Instagram yet. So we can ensure that the video does not go viral on Instagram.

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Closing Discussion:

We hope the police department will arrest the culprits soon. We will get back to you as soon as we get further information about this topic.

Many people search for the video on YOUTUBE also. You can click on the link to watch some clips of the viral fitting room video of H&M.


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Fitting Room H&M Telegram- FAQs:

Q.1 When did the video go viral on Telegram and other social media sites?

Ans. 9th January 2023.

Q.2 How many girls’ videos were posted online?

Ans. Five.

Q.3 Where did the incident happen?

Ans. The fitting room of H&M in Malaysia.

Q.4 Did the video go viral on TIKTOK?

Ans. We have no information about this.

Q.5 According to @meleisgw, when was the video taken?

Ans. 6th October 2022.

Q.6 In which outlet of H&M was the video taken?

Ans. The H&M outlet at Avenue K, Malaysia.

Q.7 Does H&M arrange an investigation for this case?

Ans. Yes.

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