[Unedited] Fantime Mandy Rose Leak: Has Saccomanno Pictures Still Available On Twitter Page? What Is The Update On Other Social Websites? Check Details Here!

The article on Fantime Mandy Rose Leak discloses the reality of the case and the consequences she faced after it. Read out to explore full information.

Are you an all-time fan of WWE? Are you following it regularly? If yes, then you must have watched the Mandy Rose match. However, the recent news of her getting out of the game shocked all her fans in Canada, the United States, Australia, France and the United Kingdom.

Fans want to know about the reason for her reveal from WWE. Hence, she is in the peek on the search engine these days. Is Fantime Mandy Rose Leak the reason for her reveal? Let’s explore it more.

The recent hyped leak of Mandy

Mandy Rose uploaded her videos and images on her Fantime account. She was seen in the swimming pool wearing nothing in this upload. These no-clothes images are getting viral on all social platforms. 

Fans are crazy about her game in the WWE ring. But, such behaviour was not entertained by them. Ultimately, this cost Mandy Rose her place in the next game of the WWE championship.

Is it allowed to have a Social Page in WWE?

WWE officials strictly monitor social media. Players cannot post any images or videos on their platforms. Under these circumstances, when Mandy Rose’s video and images went viral in FanTime, WWE immediately took action and released her from WWE.

It is not legal to break the rules of any organization. Hence, Mandy is facing a huge loss of her reputation and career. 

Are the Images available on Twitter?

Twitter is a vast platform that spreads the news like a fire worldwide. After getting to know about the leaked images and the reveal of Mandy Rose, many Twitter users started flowering comments in varied threads. However, the exact images or not available on this platform.

Mandy Rose Fantime Account

FanTime is a social platform similar to Onlyfans. Despite prohibition in WWE rules Mandy Rose has her account here. She acquired around 3.4 million followers in no time. 

After posting unclothed videos and images on this platform, fans started circulating it on all social media Website.

Responses of Fans

As mentioned earlier, WWE prohibited their players from running any social accounts. After releasing these images and videos, some fans are not supporting this activity. They get emotional because their favourite wrestler ring player got rusticated from WWE. 

However, Mandy did not comment after the leak and the reveal from WWE.

Mandy Rose Wiki Knowledge

Real name Amanda Rose Saccomanno
Household name Hamburgers
Name in the Rings Mandy Rose
Birth date information 18th July 1990
Age 32 year old
Education Iona College and Yorktown School
Marital Status Not married
Fiance Name Sabatino Pischitelli
Nationality America
Birth Place Westchester County, US

Social media Links:



Mandy Rose lost her reputation on the social platform after the leak of her pictures . Fans are with her in this tough time, but she needs to fix it and get back to her position in WWE. 

What are your views on Mandy Rose Leak? Write down in the comments.

Fantime Mandy Rose Leak –FAQs

1: What is Mandy Rose’s profession?

She is a popular WWE wrestler

2: What is her fiance’s name?

Sabatino Pistelli

3: What was her last match?

NXT Women’s Championship

4: Did she win in her last Match?

No, she lost against Roxanne Perez

5: Why is she trending in the news?

She is trending due to leaked Pictures of her in the swimming pool without any outfits.

6: Is the video or images available on the internet


7: What is her net worth?

Approximately 15 $ million

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