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Have you noticed the viral video of five young men lured with scam employment offer? This news did gain a lot of people’s attention in the United States.

This article will detail about Fake Job Offer Cartel Video. Read the article below.

The video of five young men from Jalisco trends on internet:

The Five young men from Mexico have been widely getting viral on internet after their video went trending on online platforms. It was earlier reported that the five young men were missing from Jalisco. However, the recent video trending on online platforms relating to the missing five men did stunned everyone. The video did generate everyone’s attention on social platforms. The family members were devastated to learn what happened in the 5 Men Lured by Fake Job Offer video. The video of the five young men trends on online platforms.

The video of the five Mexican young men has been the most discussed topic on social platforms. Last week it was reported that five young men have been missing after their visit to the Lagos de Moreno festival in the western state of Jalisco. The Mexican authorities conducted an extensive search to locate the missing five men. The victims age ranges between 19-22. This week a video was released on online platforms. The video reveals the 5 Young Men Lured by Fake Job Offer who were stabbed to death as revealed in the viral video. The video has been the talk of the town once it went viral. The victims include Uriel Galvan, Jaime Martinez, Diego Lara, Roberto Olmeda, and Dante Cedillo. The parents of the victims identified them in the video. The video shows five young men whose mouth was covered with duct-tape while they were kneeling down. As per the video, the five men were hitten brutally before killing them. The tragic video has been buzzing throughout the internet. 

The El Universal Journalist stated that the the five men were lured by Fake Job Offer Cartel Video and was killed by the Cartel. The graphic video of the five men who were killed in-front of the camera did generate wide spread attention on online platforms. The young men contacted in search of employment. However, as reported by El Universal Journalist the victims were tricked with fake job offer by the cartle and were later killed. The news about the viral video of the five young men trends on online platforms.

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The five young men lured by fake employment offer:

As stated by the El Universal Journalist, the five young men were in search for employment and contacted the call centre for employment. The cartle offered Fake Job Offer Cartel Video and when the men refused the job offer they killed the five men. The five young men were deceived by CJNG cartel who managed the call centre company. They are known for forcefully recruiting men for job in CJNG. They trick people by offering scam employment offer and high paying jobs.   Although there are no clear information which cartle is involved in killing the five young men in Mexico. The Mexican authorities finally located the place where the five men were killed. Once they reached that place, the authorities found that remains of dead body completely burned. The Fake Job Offer Cartel Video has been in limelight. The identity of the burnt bodies is yet to be confirmed. The news about the viral video of the five young men has become viral on internet.

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