How to Extend Your Home’s WiFi Reachable in the Backyard

It’s time to spend more time outside now that summer is here and the days are long and nice. Whether you work from home and want to set up a backyard office, have a movie night in the park with your friends, or take care of your food garden with smart gardening tools, you can do all these things by bringing your electronics outside. 

The last step is to use WiFi to connect your garden to the Internet. And the most interesting thing, wavlink is where you can find the highest quality wifi tools.

The First Thing to Do

Before you begin, consider the physical location of where you will be using the Internet. It may be out on the deck or full-back and side yards. Remember to bring a power strip if you want to charge a laptop or other device that supports WiFi while you are outside. 

Remember that big trees, bushes, and shrubs can block your WiFi signal, so think about them too. Also, think about the weather where you live. Your backyard WiFi may not work as well if it rains, is humid, or is very hot. This is because tech and the outdoors don’t usually get along well.

WiFi Extenders are Least Expensive

With a wifi extender outdoor, your WiFi signal can reach more people and places. A WiFi range extender is a device that connects to your router and sends out the same network signal (SSID) over a larger area. 

You can increase the range of your WiFi by putting it near your garden or plugging it into an outlet outside. WiFi extenders might be a cheap way to get a better link without moving your router.

If you must use an extension cord or plug your WiFi router into an outlet outside to get WiFi in the Backyard, you should buy an outdoor WiFi repeater. Dust and water can’t get into these WiFi boosters; if it doesn’t, plan to bring your WiFi booster inside when you’re done using the Internet outside.

WiFi Mesh Networks 

Having a lot of WiFi range boosters is the same as having a WiFi mesh network. By putting “nodes” in different parts of the house, mesh network solutions give the whole house strong WiFi service. Your device can connect to the Internet wirelessly through each node. Each node will connect without problems, so your WiFi link won’t be interrupted.

With a mesh WiFi setup, you can easily cover an area that is 3,000 square feet. A better signal is great for the basement, the Backyard, or anywhere else.

The Clear Choice: If you live alone, move the Router

The first step to getting WiFi in the Backyard is to see if you can move your computer closer to where you want to use the Internet. If your WiFi router has a longer cord, you can put it anywhere in the house or garden. 

Keep your router out of direct sunlight or other heat sources, and put it somewhere with good airflow to keep it from burning. Move your computer up high, away from buildings or trees that could get in the way.

Moving your router could make your home’s internet-connected devices work less well. Only move your router if it won’t mess up the network in your house.


Always ensure your home WiFi network is protected by taking the necessary precautions. Make a different WiFi network for guests that are protected by a password. Keeping your information secure also helps maintain the speed and dependability of your connections.

Final Words

There’s no more reason to stay inside. WiFi in your yard will help you make the most of the summer, whether you work from your outdoor office or relax in the hammock while playing a multiplayer game online. 

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