Big Announcement! Cisco Today Released a New Subversive Network System!

In the early morning, Cisco seminar was held in the United States. At the meeting, it was announced that the new certification system would be released on February 24th, 2020. The current certification deadline is February 23th, 2020! The existing certification is still valid, but if the certification is obtained after February 24th, new certification and relevant certificates will be obtained.

I will introduce the major changes of Cisco system to you.

9 major directions of CCNA merger and unified only one exam, whose exam code is 200-301

CCNP RS and CCNP Wireless directions are merged into CCNP Enterprise direction.

The form of CCNP examination has been changed. It originally required 3-5 written tests to pass. The next generation of CCNP Certification only requires candidates to pass 2 tests, that is, one core test and one optional test.

The next generation CCNP can be directly tested without having to have CCNA Certification first.

Next, let’s talk about the important CCIE. We must pay attention to it.

  1. RS withdrew from the historical stage, the RS direction was changed to the Enterprise direction, and the existing RS Certification was automatically upgraded to the Enterprise Infrastructure Certification after the new certification was issued.
  2. Design direction is changed to DevNet direction, CCDA is changed to DevNet Associate, and CCDP is changed to DevNet Professional
  3. Enterprise Infrastructure (formerly R&S) and Enterprise Wireless (formerly Wireless) require candidates to take the same IE written test 4. The NP written test and IE written test are the same. If you pass the NP / IE written test, you can choose to directly take lab to become CCIE or refer to an optional test to become CCNP. The test is more flexible.
  4. Lab test module is changed from TS + DIAG + Configuration to Design + Deployment, Operation and Optimization.
  5. The re-certification form is changed to require 120 credits to be activated. Similar to the NP Certification, only one core exam and one optional exam are required.
  6. The validity period of the next generation CCIE is still 3 years, but if it is more than 3 years, it can be activated only by choosing to retake the written test, and there is no need to test lab activation again.
  7. The 10-year honor CCIE was changed to the 20-year honor CCIE.

These are the contents of today’s Cisco seminar. Six years of precipitation has brought about the transformation of the next generation network system.

In general:

Cisco’s reform indicates that the certification of the next generation of network engineers will be more systematic and diversified. It advocates one specialty (core examination) and multiple proficiency (optional examination). Candidates can flexibly choose the direction and content of learning according to their own interests or business needs.

At the same time, automation and development are involved in each direction, so that the original relatively simple implementation and delivery engineers have the opportunity to move forward to a higher level of design and development!

The new changes have brought new challenges and new opportunities. Actively embrace the new era which is also the best era for our generation of network engineers.

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