Guide to Choose the Best Electric Trike for Heavier Riders 2023

As a rider, one of the major factors that you need to consider when making a purchase is suitability. You need to make sure that the tricycle is strong enough and able to accommodate you comfortably. If you have been looking for a trike that is able to handle your weight and still has more room for carrying extra load then an electrical tricycle is a perfect fit for you. It has amazing features that will cater to your needs and leave you with a satisfying experience. Here are some tips to help you choose the best for you.

The motor plays a vital role in the performance of the electric tricycle. It is responsible for supplying the power that reduces your pedaling effort hence allowing you to go faster and cover a long distance. The ratings vary based on the type of task that the e-bike is optimized for. An adult electric trike with a motor power rating of 750W is suitable for a wide variety of tasks and will give you a smooth cycling experience. Some such as the Grandtan plus electric trike, with a 750W brushless hub motor,  has a peak wattage of 1000W! This will allow you to accelerate quickly using minimum effort.

  • Find out how much it can carry

Subjecting it to more than it was meant to carry will negatively impact its performance. The weight will slow it down and the battery can also get drained quickly. With time this can also wear it down leading to serious damage. To avoid all this, check the stated load capacity to make sure that it can carry your weight and extra luggage without any difficulties. Thankfully, there are electric trikes for adults built with this in mind. A good example is the Addmotor Triketan M-350 e-trike. It has a load capacity of 450 lbs which comes in handy especially when carrying heavy luggage.

  • Check the tires

These 3-wheeler electric bikes are not entirely complete without a set of powerful tires to go with them. They have to be fitted with fat tires that are properly designed to provide stability and control thus allowing you to have a smooth ride. Features such as the tube protector improve durability by reducing the chances of getting a puncture while on the road. It is also important to consider the size since it affects the distance covered per pedal cycle. The Triketan M-350 trike electric bike has 24” x 4” front tires and 20” x 4” rear ones while the Grandtan plus e-trike has a slight advantage with 26” x 4” front ones and 24” x 4” rear ones. Note that the rear tires are small in size compared to the front ones to increase overall stability by lowering the center of gravity.

  • Choose one with a large battery capacity

Since the motor is being powered by the battery you have to ensure that the battery can do so for long durations to allow long-distance coverage. This requires that you have a reliable battery that is durable and has a large capacity. An electrical tricycle with a battery capacity of 20Ah will allow you to go for long rides without worrying about it draining off. Both the Triketan M-350 and Grandtan plus have reliable Samsung cell battery packs that are UL-certified. If you ride at a speed of 8mph you can cover a distance of up to 85 miles or even longer depend on the dynamics.

  • Go through the measurement specifications

Measurements tend to capture even details that might seem small and insignificant but they actually affect your riding experience. For instance, the Triketan M-350 is recorded to be suitable for people who are 5’ 2” to 6’ 4” tall while the Grandtan plus is recorded to be perfect for those who are 5’ 5” to 6’ 5” tall. Also, the former has a total length of 73”, a minimum seat height of 33” and a maximum of 44”. On the other hand, the latter has a total length of 78”, a minimum seat height of 31” and a maximum of 40”.

  • Make sure it has a basket

A good electric trike should have room for carrying your extra luggage. Baskets are great for this task. You can carry your bag or pet along with you on your trip with much ease.


Adult electric trikes have various features that make them suitable for heavy riders. The 3-wheel design is one such feature meant for stability. When buying you should consider key factors like maximum load capacity, battery capacity, and motor ratings. In addition to the number of wheels, the tire design also serves to improve stability and control hence is an important consideration as well. When comparing between models be sure to check out the measurement specifications. The list contains small but vital details that will determine the quality of your cycling experience.

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