Guide to the Best-Selling Electric Trike 2023

We live in a technological era where products keep on getting better with each day that passes. Take, for instance, the electrical tricycle which is a great improvement from traditional bikes. It makes cycling more efficient, fun, and safe. Gone are the days when cycling over a long distance was a laborious task that would leave you tired and sweaty. The addition of a motor, battery, sensors, and other components gives you a smooth ride irrespective of the nature of the terrain. This article focuses on one of the Addmotor best-selling e-trikes currently, the Grandtan M340 electric trike 2023.

What features does Grandtan electric trike have?

  • Bafang Brushless Hub Motor

Brushless hub motors are known for their high performance and efficiency. The torque and power that they provide are just amazing. Rated at 750W, this is the type of motor that you need if you want to go against steep slopes without breaking a sweat when riding an electric trike. The 80 Nm maximum torque and peak power of 1000W will have you accelerating at top speeds in no time. Also, the strategic placement of the motor at the front makes it a well-balanced e-trike that you can rely on.

  • Samsung cell battery pack

A powerful motor needs an equally powerful battery to go with it. This is what makes the Samsung cell battery pack a great choice for the task at hand. Addmotor UL-certified 960Wh battery pack is large enough to store more than adequate charge that will take you for a distance of 85 miles or more if you ride at 8mph. As far as cycling goes, this is a good speed that will ensure you get to your destination on time. Although the e-trike can hit a top speed of 20mph this will drain the battery quickly and can also put you at risk. The battery has UL certification and takes approximately 10 hours to be fully charged.

  • Fat tires

It comes with Kenda fat tires which is a reputable brand that you can trust to meet your needs. The front one is 24” x 4” while the rear ones are 20” x 4”. This difference in size between the front and rear wheels lowers the center of gravity hence increasing stability. The tube has protectors that make it resistant to punctures. If you are going to ride through unfamiliar grounds you’ll definitely need such reliable tires. The outer layers of the tire are designed to provide adequate friction on slippery grounds that will help you stay on track. For cycling on a sandy beach or snowy terrain, the large size comes in handy as it allows the tires to stay on top instead of sinking downwards. The large volume accommodates enough air to act as a shock absorber thereby making your ride more comfortable. Such features are what make it one of the best adult electric trikes on the market.

  • Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake

When it comes to safety, this electric tricycle offers nothing but the best. It is fitted with a full-wheel braking system that will bring it to a halt almost instantly when you engage the brakes. The motor cut-off sensor disengages the motor to aid the stopping. Both the front and the rear wheels are fitted with 180mm brake rotors making the process fast and efficient. The handle is designed to provide a firm grip thus allowing you to operate easily.

  • Lighting system

To further promote safety it has a headlight and a taillight that can be used for a lot more than just seeing when it’s dark. The taillight is vital for signaling when you are about to brake or make a turn. It is detailed enough to clearly indicate a left turn and a right one. When braking, it automatically turns on.

Other important facts

The overall structure of this e-trike is mainly made of aluminum. This together with the design explains why it has a high load capacity of 450lbs. Its durability is without question. The ergonomics are great and the appeal is on point too. The wooden footrest, for example, is carefully designed for comfort and aesthetic purposes. In terms of flexibility, the handlebar and seat adjustability makes it an accommodating trike that is able to suit different types of riders. The recommended height range for riders is 5’ 2” to 6’ 4”. All these features put together makes it a great electric trike for adults.


The Grandtan M-340 is one of the best electric tricycles for adults that has all the features an e-trike should have and much more. The components are meticulously manufactured by reputable companies hence making it a reliable machine for your day-to-day activities. Your comfort and safety as a rider are some of the key requirements that this tricycle is able to fulfill. If you are looking for something that is efficient, comfortable, safe, durable and has the power that you need for your trips then you should consider getting this machine.

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