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What occurred in Myanmar? Why are people discussing about Myanmar? Did a deadly Tornado hit Myanmar? How many people died in Myanmar? What is the present scenario of the Myanmar Tornado? Want more details on the trending news?

Recently, a giant tornado hit Myanmar, and all the media channels Worldwide broadcast the news. If you want more details about the trending news, read the article until closing. So, immediately, know about the news on Deadly Tornado Hits Myanmar in this article.


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What happened in Myanmar?

A massive tornado occurred in central Myanmar on 21st April (Friday), 2023. The Tornado was so big that it killed eight people and injured hundreds. The correct Age of the victims is unknown. The Tornado caused huge destruction also caused the destruction of a small clinic and two Buddhist monasteries. 

What happened in Myanmar

The giant Tornado occurred in the Tadau and Aung Myin Kone villages near Naypyitaw’s capital. The deadly Tornado was almost 40 minutes long. Thus, it caused huge damage to the village houses.

How many people are injured in Myanmar?

The Doh Lewe charity organization member Thet Paing Soe said to the associated press that almost 128 people are hospitalized. He further said that 232 houses from the two villages were destroyed in the Tornado. According to Mr. Soe, the restoration process will take long.

Know about the Twitter response!

Many news circulated on Twitter after the deadly Tornado occurred in Myanmar on 21st April, Friday. A Twitter user named Jim Yang shared the news. The post is captioned as tornado hit near Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, causing the death of 8 and injuring hundreds of others.

The Twitter user shared a video clip that showed strong wind blowing through the house roofs and trees. The video spread widely among social media users and became viral.

Government aids to the victims!

According to a television report, Sr. General Min Aung Hlain visited the disaster-prone area and aided the victims and residents.

Reddit user shared the details for the tornado news. The user stated in the post that a tornado ripped through a village in Lewei, Nay Pyi Taw. The user further stated that the Tornado killed 5 and injured over 100 people.

Statement of the Officials!

The director general of the Meteorology & Hydrology department, Mr. Kyaw Moe Oo, said that huge Tornados in Myanmar are rare. The ones which sometimes occur during the pre-monsoon time cause rare serious damages and deaths. He further stated that tornados mostly occur in lower parts during these periods. Tornados in central Myanmar are quite rare.

Check the Myanmar Tornado Wiki!

The table will provide the reader with details on the recent Tornado in Myanmar. Thus, read the table below to know more.


Event Leiway Township tornado.
Date 21/04/2023.
Area Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.
No.of Tornados 1.
Causalities 8 deaths & 109 injuries.

+155 houses.

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The massive Tornado destroyed several houses and left many injured. The people of Myanmar weren’t ready for the destructive Tornado. Watch the Myanmar tornado video here for more clarity on the news.

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Deadly Tornado Hits Myanmar-FAQs

Q1. In which villages did the Tornado occur?

AThe Tornado occurred in Tadau and Aung Myin Kone villages.

Q2. What destruction occurred in Myanmar?

Almost 232 houses were destroyed in the Myanmar tornado, and several were injured.

Q3. How long was the Tornado?

AThe Tornado lasted for almost 40 minutes in Myanmar.

Q4. How many people were killed in Cyclone Nargis?

Almost 138,000 people were killed in Cyclone Nargis.

Q5. In which year did the Nargis Cyclone hit Myanmar?

In the year 2008, the Nargis Cyclone hit Myanmar.

Q6. When did theDeadly Tornado Hits Myanmar?

The Tornado occurred on 21st April 2023 (Friday).

Q7. Which structures are destroyed in the Tornado in Myanmar?

In the Tornado, two Buddhist monasteries and a small clinic were destroyed.

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